To celebrate the festivity of the final week of December, Google Photos has rolled out a video collage titled “Smiles of 2017”. The ‘photo sharing and storage service’ has introduced this new feature that collects all the photos with your smile in it and combines them as a video montage. The montage plays along in slow transitions with a background music. The “Smiles of 2017” comes with a timeline of 40 to 60 seconds filled with memories of the whole year.

Apart from that, the users can also be assured that each and every happy memory is saved with an online backup. The users can take a peek into the most remarkable and amazing memories of the year to end. The assistant section of the Google Photos app also generates a notification for the user when the complete video is compiled with all the backed up pictures.

For now, the video feature has been made available only for a few users. It is still unclear whether the new feature shall reach other users as well. The feature should be available for the users who meet the necessary criteria for the generation of video montage. This latest feature has been rolled out as a part of Google photos on mobile devices as well as desktops.

Image recognition has been an essential part of Google photos for quite some time. Last year, similar “Smiles” video montages were provided to the users. In order to check for the availability of the feature, users can open the Google Photos app and tap on the “Assistant” icon located at the bottom of the device’s screen.