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Six tools and resources to help you start your own business in college

Creating a company on the side while attending college has been the dream of many college students who wanted to take that first step towards being a millionaire even before they graduated. College life means being an essay writer, though, but there are many determined students who still take the risk. There are actually many resources out there for those dreaming of early business successes.

Here are seven of the best resources for entrepreneurs to help you start a small enterprise while still in college:

Business Planning from EquityNet

Before a student begins to put together that new company, they have to create a business plan. EquityNet offers a tool that can help with that. But that’s not all it does: EquityNet also analyses a business plan and it even allows an entrepreneurial college student to share that plan with investors!

When you have practically no experience, crafting a business plan takes a lot of time. One example to free up time is the ability to ask for essay writing help online for all of those custom papers required in UK colleges. Combining your college life and dream job might be hard without some helpful tools to make your studying routine more efficient.

Endpoint or Basic Protection by Avast

This is a no-brainer for any student looking to start up a business online. There are many hackers out there and many more viruses, and all of them want to reach your computer!

The best way to prevent this is to get good virus protection, and Avast has been one of the top-performing ones for years. The basic one does provide virus protection, but it doesn’t have a firewall. For that, you need to get the premium version.

Website Builders

Any student looking to run a small business needs somewhere to host his product or service. Even if they’ve managed to create a brick and mortar shop, websites are all-important today. Only a few businesses can survive without one.

For example, Wix is a great tool to have. It’s free, and it does a great job building a website for you. This is a basic app that is oriented towards creating a basic website, so be aware that it does have its limits. It is still one of those great business educational resources for a student, though.

student writing

Video Conferencing from join.me

A student’s time is limited, and a student with a business has even less. This requires a good video conferencing system that everyone can depend on. Any business owner needs to conference with potential clients and employees without leaving the comfort of their dorm room! Join.me allows for up to ten participants through its software. Want more? That means upgrading to a premium subscription.

Applicant Tracking from Zoho Recruit

When there comes time to expand that business empire, it’s best to save time and effort as possible when looking for a new employee. Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking tool that permits access to a recruiter and up to five positions at the same time. Сhoosing the right employee ASAP not only saves time but also saves costs eventually.

Human Resources Management from Deputy

It’s best to know how to direct and manage employees before you have them, and that’s what Deputy’s Human Resources Management does. This is a bargain basement kind of plan that permits one to schedule shifts, make announcements, and other tasks.

Want more? The next tier allows a business owner to include timesheets and payroll, but it does cost extra. Even with the extra tier, however, it’s still very inexpensive, which is important to college students paying tuition.

Accounting from Wave

What’s the biggest headache a student can have when they’re trying to start a business and study? Apart from finding a perfect essay writing service. Having to do accounting, of course! Luckily, Wave has a free and premium subscription that keeps those books balanced.

The other pros to this software include being able to scan invoices and receipts directly into the system. The main con is that it isn’t a complete accounting package. Those, as always, cost money!

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