Sennheiser offers 30% Discount on Wireless RS-110 and RS120 Headphones

Sennheiser has announced that in light of the cricket games, it would want to enable team India’s fans to be able to cheer for their team, by offering a discount on their headphones. The Wireless RS- 110 and RS-120 will be offered for purchase at a 30% discount on the days that the Indian Cricket team will be playing a match during the WT20 2016 games. The offer is available on Sennheiser India’s website and not on any other online portal.

Just as clarity the Indian team is slated to play matches on 15th March, 2016: India Vs. New Zealand, 19th March, 2016: India Vs. Pakistan, 23rd March, 2016: India Vs. TBD, 27th March, 2016: India Vs. Australia. This discount offer is available for a period of 48-hours from each day that the Indian team plays a game.

Both the RS-120 and the RS-110 provide unmatched sound quality and hassle-free wireless playback. The RS-110 is capable of receiving wireless signals up to a distance of 300ft and the reception is said to stay untainted through walls.


It’s over-the-ear pads ensure good grip while excluding ambient noise, allowing you to enjoy your WT20 games without any disturbance, regardless of if you are in front of your screen or not. You will find volume control options on both devices so you can adjust playback volume effortlessly.

The Sennheiser RS-110 is available for a full price of Rs. 5,990 currently and the RS-120 is available for a full price of Rs. 7,990. With the applicable discount on these devices you should be able to buy them at Rs. 4,193 and Rs. 5,593 respectively.

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