Season 5 Smashes into Fortnite: Movement Revamped, Weapons Tweaked, and LEGO World Hungrier Than Ever

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Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1 has received its first major update, dropping on December 19th with a focus on movement, weapon balance, and improvements to the LEGO-themed Creative mode. Players who felt the new season’s movement felt a bit clunky can rejoice, as Epic Games has implemented several changes to make traversing the Island smoother and more enjoyable.

Key Highlights:

  • Movement Overhaul: Smoother sprinting, reduced camera shake, and adjusted animations for a more fluid experience.
  • Balancing Act: Flowberries buffed, Striker AR nerfed, and adjustments to various weapons and items.
  • LEGO Cravings: Food in LEGO Fortnite now more filling, alongside bug fixes and creature tweaks.
  • Custom Controls Reset: Time to reconfigure your “Custom Diagonal Movement” settings.

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Gliding Like a Pro:

Sprinting now feels less jarring, with reduced camera movement and adjustments to the view change while running. Additionally, the movement animations have been updated to better reflect the changes in speed. These tweaks should bring back the familiar flow of Fortnite’s movement system, while also making it feel more polished.

Balancing the Battlefield:

The update also brings a wave of weapon and item adjustments. Flowberries, the Shield-replenishing berries found throughout the map, have received a buff, providing more Shield per bite. On the other hand, the dominant Striker Assault Rifle has been nerfed, dealing slightly less damage. Other changes include increased damage for the Ranger Pistol, Shield Breaker EMP, and Ballistic Shield’s pistol, reduced magazine sizes for the Snowball Launcher and Thunder Burst SMG, and a lower drop rate for the Reaper Sniper Rifle.

Fueling the LEGO Adventure:

Players venturing into the LEGO Creative world will find their hunger pangs less frequent, as food items now provide more satiety. Additionally, Epic has addressed a frustrating bug that caused players to lose their items when being eliminated while transitioning between aboveground and belowground areas in LEGO Fortnite. Various creature tweaks, including reduced damage from Brute Poison and Frost Scorpion explosions, and slightly easier to defeat critters, round out the changes for the LEGO experience.

Customizing Your Control:

One important note for veterans who rely on custom diagonal movement settings: the update has reset everyone’s “Custom Diagonal Movement” settings. So, take some time to log in and reconfigure your controls to find what feels best for you in the revamped movement system.

Season 5 Takes Its Stride:

With these changes, Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1 feels even more dynamic and balanced. The smoother movement, weapon adjustments, and LEGO world improvements provide a fresh experience for both seasoned players and newcomers alike. As players continue to explore the new map, uncover its secrets, and master the updated mechanics, one thing is clear: Season 5 is off to a thrilling start.

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