Scientists bringing Harry Potter invisibility cloak to reality

It seems like the days of invisibility cloaks are not far away as scientists at the Queen Mary University of London have used the composite material with nano-size particles to change the shape of an object. For now, it is quite evident that they are only one step away from doing the impossible.

The researchers worked with UK industry for the first time to demonstrate how by using the practical cloaking device the curved surface can appear flat in electromagnetic waves. But the question arises is when will see the Harry Potter cloak, for now, that dreams is not quite attainable but through the different antennas and the structure it is possible in the future that it can hide an object.

The result which was published on Friday also shows that the underlying design has much wider applications which can range from microwaves to optics. But the team instead of taking a significant step is taking smaller steps at the time. So now it has used the nanocomposite medium to coat a curved surface. The material utilized for this experiment has seven different layers with the different electric property.

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On talking about this latest development, first author Dr. Luigi La Spada from QMUL’s School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science in a study said

With this latest development we will be able to able to develop solutions for problems in the field of technological and industrial field. Through this process, it will design real-life platforms for various applications.

The new finding that was published in the journal Scientific Reports also further explains the different process and how in the coming time the possibility of an invisible cloak is not a distant dream. It is not the first time that scientists have developed something on the invisibility line but the latest technique working at one frequency are designed in such a fashion that it can bend light around an object.