Samsung’s new Gear S2 Classic 3G smartwatch with eSIM can render smartphones useless

Samsung has launched Gear S2 Classic 3G smartwatch in Italy in collaboration with Italian telecom company TIM and Gemalto, the company responsible for the securities in many mobile and credit card payments. The smartwatch offers similar functions as the other smartwatches available in the market, such as tracking fitness and receiving text messages, notifications, and calls. The standout USP of the smartwatch is that it can achieve all of this without being connected to a smartphone.

There are other wearables developed with the same concept but are focussed around consumers transferring their current SIM card from their smartphone to the smartwatch in order to introduce connectivity.

Samsung Gear S2 Classic Features

Untethered and seamless connectivity coming to IoT devices might add dimensions and bring new opportunities for advertisers and marketers, but according to Marley Kaplan, the head of innovation at Kinetic Worldwide wearables will not become a channel for messaging in the near-future. Kaplan also said that wearables aren’t ready yet for mainstream advertising.

The Samsung smartwatch sports Gemalto’s eSIM (embedded SIM), which the security powerhouse says will become the new standard thing to replace the currently available SIM card technologies.

The eSIM can also be remotely configured to manage service subscriptions, just like in smartphones when they require a network transfer or device transfer. The idea is to create a standard technology that enables connectivity in IoT devices like wearables and in smartphones and tablets. This new rollout is a huge technological leap towards a unified ecosystem of connectivity.

Samsung Gear S2 Classic Price

Bringing in the eSIM is only an initial step in the evolution from the traditional SIM. If this works out well, then other manufacturers may also get started on this with various other carriers as well, to more such products on the market. So if you in Italy and you wish to buy the Samsung Gear S2 Classic that costs $399.90

Euros, a cheaper alternative (or mobile contracts as it is with smartphones) is that you can also pay only 49 euros and opt for equal installments of 10 euros per month for a period of 30 months. This is a fairly lucrative plan for such a novelty device. The technology seems promising, especially for the Bond aspirers.


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