Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Ultra Rumored to Feature a MicroLED Display

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Samsung, a global tech giant, is reportedly in the process of developing a new premium smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch Ultra. This watch is rumored to be equipped with a cutting-edge MicroLED display, a technology that Samsung has previously integrated into its television sets.

Key Highlights:

  • Samsung is allegedly working on a Galaxy Watch Ultra, which might rival Apple’s Watch Ultra.
  • The new watch is expected to feature a MicroLED display, similar to the technology used in Samsung TVs.
  • MicroLED technology offers superior color richness, contrast, brightness, and energy efficiency compared to OLEDs.
  • Rumors suggest that the MicroLED display might not be included in the standard Galaxy Watch 7 due to production costs.
  • Samsung’s venture into MicroLED for smartwatches might be a game-changer in the wearable tech industry.

The Rise of MicroLED in Wearables:

MicroLED technology, as the name suggests, utilizes clusters of inorganic LEDs that are smaller than 50μm. These LEDs produce their own light, eliminating the need for a backlight. This technology is renowned for delivering enhanced color richness, contrast, and brightness. Moreover, it offers better energy efficiency and eliminates the risk of burn-in, a common issue with OLEDs.

Samsung has already incorporated MicroLED technology into its television sets, with sizes ranging from 76-inch to 114-inch. However, the integration of this technology into smaller devices like smartwatches is a new frontier. A report from SamMobile earlier this year indicated that Samsung has initiated the commercialization of MicroLED technology for smartwatches, aiming to finalize the development within the year.

Galaxy Watch Ultra vs. Apple Watch Ultra:

The rumor mill suggests that Apple is also eyeing MicroLED technology for its Apple Watch Ultra, aiming for a release by 2025. With both tech giants exploring this advanced display technology, the competition in the smartwatch sector is expected to intensify.

Samsung’s potential release of the Galaxy Watch Ultra could be a strategic move to outpace Apple in the wearable tech market. However, challenges remain. The rapid development and integration of MicroLED technology into a smartwatch by next year might be a tight timeline for Samsung. There’s speculation that if the technology isn’t ready, Samsung might continue with the standard AMOLED display.

Pricing and Market Impact:

If Samsung successfully launches the Galaxy Watch Ultra with a MicroLED display, it could redefine the standards for Android smartwatches and pose a significant challenge to Apple. However, the cost factor remains a concern. Given the advanced technology and production costs associated with MicroLED, the Galaxy Watch Ultra’s price tag could surpass that of the current Apple Watch Ultra 2, which is priced at $800.


Samsung is reportedly on the verge of introducing a premium Galaxy Watch Ultra equipped with a MicroLED display. This advanced display technology promises enhanced visual quality and energy efficiency. While Samsung aims to pioneer this technology in the smartwatch sector, challenges related to development timelines and production costs remain. If realized, the Galaxy Watch Ultra could set new standards in the wearable tech industry and intensify the competition with Apple.

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