Samsung to reportedly source batteries from LG for the next Galaxy S8 flagship

After the recent Galaxy Note 7 debacle due to overheating and exploding batteries where Samsung was forced to initiate two separate recalls for the device, the Korean manufacturer is reportedly sourcing batteries for the next Galaxy S8 flagship from its competitor LG.

According to a report by Korea Herald, Samsung is reportedly in talks with LG Chem to ‘diversify its battery suppliers’ apart from Samsung SDI and China’s ATL. The move comes as the battery on the doomed Galaxy Note 7 was manufactured by Samsung SDI. And after the first round of recalls, it was made by China’s ATL, which also turned out to be faulty eventually forcing the company to stop selling the Galaxy Note 7.

Because otherwise, the Galaxy Note 7 had all the traits of a simply fantastic device. Samsung forced to stop selling the Galaxy Note 7 over exploding batteries is sure to be a ghastly episode in the company’s history, and also affects the Samsung’s reputation as a reliable manufacturer.

Recently, Samsung Mobile chief Dong-Jin Koh aka DJ Koh publicly apologised over Galaxy Note 7’s exploding batteries. Notably, he bowed in front of the media and expressed the company’s distress with the entire Galaxy Note 7 debacle. He further added that the company is working diligently to find the exact cause behind the Galaxy Note 7 battery issues. Though it appears Samsung is still struggling to find out the exact cause of the Galaxy Note 7 explosion and over-heating problems, as they’re unable to reproduce the explosion during the testing process.

The company is now offering free replacements of the Galaxy Note 7 with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung is also giving Galaxy Note 7 users a choice to get a full refund. Industry sources suggest that Samsung will incur up to $3 billion in losses after officially suspending the Galaxy Note 7, the effect of which will be felt across two-quarters. The company, from now on, will stress more on improving product safety for consumers by making major changes in its quality control processes.

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