Samsung Level U Review: Best bluetooth headphones with great battery life

Recent times has seen some quality Bluetooth audio devices make their way into the market, especially headphones. Samsung Level U is one of the company’s attempt at displaying its prowess outside of the smartphone world. With their latest addition of yet another great earbuds with Bluetooth connectivity, Samsung is optimistic to turn the competition around Let’s see how it does.

What’s inside the box:

  • Headphones (that’s surprising!)
  • Three sets of tips (including one winged tip)
  • User manual


What it looks like:

Samsung Level U comes packed inside of a box that is far below the standards set by Samsung. However, I’m not one to care about what’s on the outside, but thank God, for the gorgeous looking headphones! The set sits in the plastic frame inside the box with its magnetic earbuds clasped together. If at all there is any issue of earphone wires getting entangled, this is how it should be resolved! The Level U has magnets of opposite poles on either side, and that is why, when placed in front of each other, they repel. What is not known is the fact that the magnets are actually used to produce sound through electromagnetism. How the clasping magnets have been incorporated without interfering with the sound performance, is a bit of a mystery, without any research.


The cable is flat. On the rubber and plastic cable frame that sits around the neck from behind, are all the controls. The ON/OFF button is conveniently placed at the back so that the users do not accidentally switch it off. The multi-functional volume buttons are on the right-wing, just about the pairing button.

The last thing I’d say about the build is that it is almost weightless. One can literally put the Level U around their neck and forget that such a thing ever existed. Best in the category!

The Level U app:

Before I freak out all the readers, I should say that the monitors work without the app, as well. The Level U app is just for the user to easily monitor and control the device. It gives the option to control which notifications are read. Best of all, if you’ve lost the manual, the app has it stored for you. The user interface is very simple. At the bottom of the screen is the classic iPod-like volume control, and at the top is a picture of the device that is connected.

The air around it:

The connectivity isn’t the best. There were some interruptions even when I had my mobile phone inside my pocket. But generally, the Bluetooth performed alright. So, I’d say that the air around was almost adequately clean.

What it sounds like:


Moving on to the things that matter most, the sound! Samsung has almost been successful in making sure that there is no disturbance while listening to music or taking/making calls. The dual-mic noise reduction is a novel feature; the non-in-ear-monitor often lets it down with some or more leaks in and out.

The 12mm drivers are quite mind-blowing, I’d say despite the general reputation of the headphones. To test it to the limit, I threw in an array of music, ranging from the sound of Ghulam Ali to Kid Cudi’s ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ (Steve Aoki mix) to the generation-favourite Swedish House Mafia. One would think that such a rigorous test would crumble anyone. It did not!

Just the amount of bass that an urban audiophile expects from a set of budgeted Bluetooth headset. The warm ‘U-tonality’ falls easily on the ears complimented effortlessly by the soothing bass. I would not recommend it for heavy and rhythmic workouts, but it is near-perfect for travels and sit alone sessions, even with people around.

The bass does not have any quick roll-offs, amply making up for not being bass-heavy. The beats are clean and as are the vocals. The sound is crystal-clear (almost no need to Google the lyrics of any song).

P.S. I mean no offence to the ones like myself.

To add to the clarity of sound is the minimal sibilance. Continuous good sound! The lows, mids, and treble are better than in most of the devices out there. Although as far is going loud is concerned, one would expect just a tad more. It doesn’t help with the treble, but one can deal with it.


OOOHH… The battery! I can give you my word that at least in India, at such a modest price-tag, the battery could not have been better than this (notice how I switch to the first person to make this particular point). About an hour or minutes of charging, and it will give you more than 10 hours of music to live with.


At Rs. 2,100 or any less price, finding Bluetooth headphones better than these would be as difficult as finding a needle in a giant haystack. It looks good (not sweat-proof), sounds good, connects well and lasts very long.