Brainwavz M1 Review: Criminal mid-range earphones

Usually, when I receive IEMs for a review, I start off by reading the box and preparing myself for what’s to come but, with Brainwavz everyone knows that Brainwavz M1 is not just another earphone. So, I just realized that after my first experience, I never bothered to read the box. I just can’t wait to sink those gorgeous modules into my ears. The device I have here is the M1, and it is priced at Rs. 2,599.

First off, I must say again that I can not emphasize how good it feels to hold, not to mention how gorgeous the red and black combination topped by the metal Brainwavz metal engraved badge. Always good to open up and see the different accessories. Characteristically, the makers were good enough to pack a pair of bi-flange tips for the big ones like I. The comply foam tips were a surprise but, I’m more than happy with the bi-flange.

Box Contents:

  • Brainwavz M1 Earphones
  • Manual
  • Hardshell case

Moving on to the build of Brainwavz M1. The housing is mostly made of plastic, and the driver tunnel/nozzle appears to be made of metal. Now, the driver cover or the back cover may not be of ceramic build, but the design is as good as they get. The thick braided memory cable is made of a Silver plated OFC with a braided wiring in a plastic encasing that does not entangle very easily. It may not always look very attractive in public because of the classic black form but, is very effective. The 3.5 mm jack is gold plated and comfortably angled at approximately 45 degrees for the comfort of wire movement.

The only issue with the build is the lack of strain relief for the cable at the point of exit from the earpiece. This could negatively affect the durability in the hands of slightly rough users.

Sounds like a miniature pro beatboxer fitted in the ears

The signature of a true pro beatboxer is their ability to mix up beats and other sound effects. In in-ear monitor terms, it means having a balanced sound signature. This one has just that. The crispness and clarity of the vocals are scintillating at lower and mid volumes. However, it is the treble at the higher volumes, especially when combined with stringed and wind instruments, that may or may not kill the mood. This would matter only to hardcore audiophile. Besides this, it’s all good! Now I see why they are compared to the amazing RE400s.

The mid-centric modules are almost exquisitely sorted with the bass. The low beats are sharpened just enough to make it unmissable, and the higher ones are sure to hit the sweet spot! If it sounded too much gibberish to the audiophiles, I meant that the base is fairly linear, extending low and retains good control. Not exactly bass-head material but, can go a long way, especially at this price.

Moving on, as mentioned earlier, this one has a balanced sound signature the biggest contributor here is the mid-range. It is criminal. If you are someone who likes to come back home and sink into your couch and enjoy some soothing music, this is the one! The naturally full and laidback mid-range is horribly good! This makes the sound signature smooth and calm.

As far as the isolation is concerned, it has never been a problem with Brainwavz, and neither is it with this one.

Pros Cons
Comfortable earpiece and decent cable quality Not-so-easy on the price
Excellent mids Not for metalheads
Crisp sound and booming bass
No leaks


Just buy it, if you have the money. It doesn’t look like a disappointer. It may be a tad on the higher price range, but Brainwavz hasn’t disappointed, yet. It lays well on the ears.