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Samsung Joins Hands with Ace Skier Aanchal Thakur for The ‘Highlight of India’ Brand Campaign Showcasing ‘100 Million Lights’ on its Flagship Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs

Samsung has launched a new campaign ‘Highlight of India’ for its Neo QLED 8K TV that brings alive every minute detail, as seen through the eyes of Aanchal Thakur, India’s first international skiing medalist. Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV lets you experience every tiny detail with ‘100 Million Lights’ that deliver the brightest picture with utmost clarity.

‘Highlight of India’ campaign reflects how Samsung keeps pushing the boundaries and reaching new heights with its technology innovations. The commercial vividly brings home a spectacular experience of Aanchal Thakur skiing in majestic snow-covered mountains and take on the world with her exceptional skiing skills. The commercial shows her relentless pursuit of blazing new trails, seeing obstacles as opportunities that coincides with Samsung’s philosophy of ‘Do what you can’t’.  Samsung roped in Aanchal Thakur, India’s first International skiing medalist, to celebrate the breathtaking highlight of India, as seen on Neo QLED 8K TVs.

The stunning scenic beauty of the snowcapped mountains is brought to life with the Quantum Matrix Technology Pro on the Neo QLED 8K TV, powered by Quantum Mini LEDs which are 40 times smaller than regular LEDs. The stunning Dolby Atmos experience with its unparalleled 3D surround sound immerses viewers in the same thrill as the skier herself.

“India has seen some of the best athletes carving a niche for themselves at the international stage. Aanchal Thakur, being the first Indian skier to put India on the global map for winter sports, was the natural fit for us to showcase the determination and passion to lead. We take pride in being her preferred partner to present her prowess and her majestic world of skiing through the Neo QLED 8K TV that offer the most pristine picture quality and immersive soundscapes to transform your living space. The Neo QLED 8K TV is designed to be much more than a TV. It can be a game console, a virtual playground, a Smart Hub to control your home and your perfect partner to improve efficiency,” said Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

“I am delighted to collaborate with Samsung for the launch of their cutting-edge new range of televisions – the Neo QLED 8K. As a brand Samsung has been synonymous with innovations. Charting a new course and pushing boundaries is second nature to them. And as a young female athlete trying to make a mark in a nascent sport in India, this philosophy really resounds with me. To be associated with a brand that recognizes and promotes this quest for excellence as a Highlight of India makes me immensely proud” said Aanchal Thakur.

Aanchal Thakur has taken part in four World Championships, including her first one when she was 16 in 2013. She made history by becoming the first Indian to win an international medal in any winter sport when she won a bronze medal in the 2018 Alpine Ejder 3200 Cup. She now has her eye on representing India at the 2026 Winter Olympics.

The latest campaign upholds the brand’s philosophy forward and honours one such modern icon who goes above and beyond her own success to benefit the nation in her field of expertise.

The campaign has been conceptualised by Cheil India.

Samsung’s Neo QLED Televisions

Neo QLED 8K TVs let you experience every detail with ‘100 Million Lights’ that give you the brightest picture. It comes with cutting-edge Quantum Matrix Technology Pro with a powerful Neural Quantum Processor 8K and a real depth enhancer. Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED TVs are equipped with smarter and intelligent features and user interface, allowing Samsung TVs to become the central hub to watch content, control devices, play games, work out and more.

Enhanced viewing experience with pure picture quality

Quantum Matrix Technology Pro

The new range of Neo QLED TVs features Quantum Matrix Technology Pro (with Quantum Mini LED) and Shape Adaptive Light Control for sharper details with enhanced contrast. With 1/40th size of normal LED, the Quantum Mini LED enables best brightness with colors & deepest black and reduces blooming in the picture. The Shape Adaptive Light Control precisely analyzes various objects in the picture and controls lights accordingly providing seamless viewing experience.

Neural Quantum Processor 8K with Real Depth Enhancer

Outfitted with the most advanced processor and its ability to upscale content to 8K and 4K quality, the 2022 Neo QLED range offers clarity and depth in everything you watch with AI based deep learning.

Eye Comfort Mode

With ‘enhanced’ viewing experience the makers of Neo QLED have also focused on ‘pleasant’ viewing experience of the consumers. The Neural Quantum Processor optimizes the picture, tuning the brightness and color temperature which reduces blue light automatically for eye comfort and improves sleep quality.

Dolby Atmos

To bring cinematic viewing experience to the consumers the makers have enabled Samsung Neo QLED’s sound system that can create truly immersive and realistic audio experiences. The consumers can now enjoy a fantastic Dolby Atmos Experience with the unparalleled 3D surround sound.

5 Years Warranty

The new generation of Neo QLED TVs offers 5-years warranty to the consumers and a 10-years no screen burn-in warranty for Neo QLED 4K TVs.

Smart, Smarter and Smartest: The superlatives fall short for 2022 Neo QLED

Smart Hub

Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED TV is the one stop shop for unlimited entertainment. The new range of televisions comes with new Home Screen Interface with all content, smart features, and settings in one screen. The Samsung TV Plus feature eliminates the hassle of subscription as it allows the users to enjoy 45+ Free Local & Global TV channels for daily dose of entertainment, news, sports and more.

Gamer’s Paradise

The Samsung Neo QLED range of televisions is just more than a television; it is every gamer’s dream. The 2022 Neo QLED range allows the players to have smooth and flowing motions without a moment of lagging. The Game Bar allows players to monitor gaming status and optimize game settings easily. Also, there are no blind spots anymore with Zoom-in mode, and Ultra-wide view. All of this is possible Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro that makes the Neo QLED a must-have for the gamers.

Control other devices with Neo QLED

The 2022 Samsung Neo QLED comes with other smart features such as Built – in Home IoT that allows you to control your home in a smarter way with a TV. Video Calling with Slim Fit Cam, Multiple voice assistant, Multi-view to enjoy both TV and Smartphone content at the same time are some of the other features that makes it the smartest TV in town.

Design: Minimalist approach for smarter design 

Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED comes with Infinity Screen, Infinity One Design and Attachable Slim One Connect. These smart features allow the television to have a slim and sleek design with no cable cutter. In addition to this, the engineers have kept a minimalistic design for the Neo QLEDs and have focused more on pure picture without the distracting black bezel to completely revamp your space. The makers have come up with an eco-friendly Solar Cell Remote that charge itself with room lighting. The Remote comes with minimalistic keys for easy one hand operation as well as having dedicated keys for Voice control command, Netflix, Prime Video, Samsung TV Plus and Disney+ Hotstar.