Samsung Galaxy S8 will not get the standard 3.5mm jack: Report

Rumors around the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 are constantly pouring in this week, and the latest one suggests that the upcoming flagship will most likely be devoid of major feature. A report by SamMobile claims that Samsung is to ditch the classic 3.5mm jack with the upcoming Galaxy S8. Instead, it’ll feature the new USB-Type C standard for plugging in headphones, charging, or data transfer.

Hence, all your existing wired headphones and earphones won’t be compatible with the upcoming flagship if you’re planning on buying one. As we’re all aware by now, Samsung isn’t the first Android manufacturer to ditch the 3.5mm jack. Chinese manufacturer LeEco came out with it’s LeMax 2 smartphone earlier this year featuring the new USB-Type-C standard, and even offered a pair of compatible earphones with the smartphone.

Even Apple opted for the new USB-Type C standard with its latest iPhone 7, saying it took a lot of courage to finally arrive at the decision to let go of the classic 3.5mm jack.

Many smartphone manufacturers are now opting for this standard as it offers a number of advantages. It gets a reversible port which means it’s more convenient as you can plug the cable from any direction. Besides, it also produces more power than standard USB-B ports.

Moreover, USB-Type C also allows much faster data transfer, up to 50 percent faster than fastest USB Type B devices currently available. It’s the next industry standard that will gradually phase out the old, and we’ll most likely see all upcoming smartphones, laptops, and tablets with the USB-Type C connectivity.

While an earlier rumor also revealed that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature stereo speakers, most likely from Harman, a company which the Korean manufacturer recently acquired for $8 billion.

Samsung is expected to unveil the upcoming Galaxy S8 at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, while it’ll likely hit store shelves sometime in March.

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