Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra to Retain Quad Camera Setup

Recent speculation surrounding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S25 Ultra has raised questions about potential changes to its camera configuration. However, credible sources have now confirmed that the Galaxy S25 Ultra will maintain its quad camera setup, contrary to earlier rumors suggesting the removal of one of its cameras.

Rumors and Clarifications

Initial rumors hinted that the Galaxy S25 Ultra might drop the 3x telephoto camera, leading to a triple camera arrangement. These claims caused a stir among tech enthusiasts who value the versatility offered by multiple camera lenses. However, reliable tipster Ice Universe has clarified that Samsung will not be removing the 3x telephoto module from the S25 Ultra. Instead, the device is expected to retain its four-camera configuration, similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Camera Specifications

The Galaxy S25 Ultra is anticipated to feature a 200MP main sensor, a significant upgrade aimed at enhancing overall photo quality. Alongside the main sensor, the phone will include a 12MP ultra-wide lens and a 10MP 3x telephoto lens. This setup will provide users with diverse shooting options, ranging from wide-angle landscapes to detailed close-ups.

Possible Upgrades

While the retention of the quad camera setup is confirmed, there are speculations about potential upgrades to the existing sensors. The 10MP 3x telephoto camera, which has been part of Samsung’s lineup since the Galaxy S21 Ultra, might see an upgrade in resolution or optical zoom capabilities. These enhancements could offer improved photo clarity and zoom performance, keeping Samsung’s flagship competitive in the high-end smartphone market.

As Samsung continues to finalize the design and features of the Galaxy S25 Ultra, fans can rest assured that the quad camera setup will remain intact. The retention of this versatile camera system, coupled with potential sensor upgrades, promises to deliver a robust photography experience. The Galaxy S25 series is expected to launch in early 2025, and further details will likely emerge closer to the release date.

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