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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 memes over battery issue ain’t dead yet, here are some originals from us [LOL]

Enough with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bashing! Said no one. Samsung is perhaps the biggest pioneer when it comes to smartphone technology; they face their share of trolls. It is our solemn duty to pounce on every opportunity to do so. The recent battery explosions in the Galaxy Note 7 created quite the rage online.

Alright, we see that the memes have dried up already, so here are a few originals by us to rekindle the joy:

Ghost rider style! Buying a Galaxy Note 7 is no less than making a deal with the Devil.


Galaxy Note 7: making villains out of heroes- since August 2016.


Because Samsung is all about style and statement!


When she forgets that she owns a Galaxy Note 7 while using Snapchat!


Loverboy BURNT!


Ain’t nobody gonna mess with firephone. Fire in the hole!



For all those Apple fanboys and fangirls who thought the iPhone was clean in this matter, need we remind you?!


These are the best that we could think of. Tell us in the comments section below, if you have something better.


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