Samsung Chromebook with stylus reportedly dubbed as ‘Kevin’ under works

According to reports, Samsung Chromebook codenamed ‘Kevin’ is under works and it will ship with a stylus. Chromebooks are now very popular and the platform has emerged in a large scale since its initial launch. You will get a wide range of Chromebooks with various price tags.

According to reports, the next Chromebook will be designed and manufactured by Samsung. Moreover, there are reports floating around the web that the Chromebook is codenamed as ‘Kevin’. There are rumors that the forthcoming Chromebook Kevin will be in the form of a convertible notebook. The company will most likely ship the laptop coupled with a Wacom active stylus and digitizer.

Samsung Chromebook will ship with stylus

If the rumor turns out to be true, you will experience a future Chromebook that supports stylus for input. According to rumors, the new Chromebook is currently being tested by two Samsung employees. As of writing this, only Microsoft Surface Pro 4 ships with a stylus.

The term ‘Kevin” spotted in Chromium OS Repositories

The rumored launch of Samsung Chromebook was confirmed after a series of commits were found in the Chromium OS Repositories referring to Kevin. Interestingly, the two employees reportedly working with the Chromebooks are seen posting these commits using ‘’ e-mail addresses.

Samsung Chromebook Kevin Specifications

On the specifications front, you can expect the integration of a Rockchip RK3399 processor paired with an ARM processor with big.LITTLE architecture. However, we have to wait till the Chromebook is finally unveiled by the smartphone giant. According to sources, the series of commits were found with few components. Moreover, features such as touchpad functions, big.LITTLE SoC voltage settings, board voltage regulation, processor clock are also spotted.

Even though Samsung laptop segment has diminished over the last few years, it is not surprising to hear that a Chromebook is currently being developed by Samsung.

Apparently, Samsung Series 3 Chromebook was the first laptop to be sold by Google as well. To recall, Samsung was the first major company to push the core idea and concept of Chromebook to the tech enthusiasts.

It will be a wait and watch to see how Samsung proceeds further with the exclusive Chromebook Kevin. You should accept the above rumors only with a pinch of salt since nothing is official. We will keep you updated. Stay tuned with PC Tablet.


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