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Samsung Android Go smartphone won’t likely run stock Android

Several images of the first Android Go smartphones from Samsung has emerged and from what seems evident, the devices won’t likely be running stock Android as was beign speculated. Instead, the images revealed the smartphone running Android Go apps installed.

As a refresher, the Android Go apps are designed to be a lot less demanding on the hardware. That makes it capable of running on even devices with sparce specifications, thereby making such devices offer almost a perfect Android experience on even ultra budget handsets.

Not much else is known of the upcoming Android Go smartphones from Samsung though rumour has it that it might be named as the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core. SamMobile further reported that the new phones will come pre-installed with Samsung’s Smart Manager app that used to be the standard fare on all of Samsung’s smartphones before 2016. That said, the intended functionality would still be the same as on any other of the company’s latest smartphones.

What is a surety with the new Galaxy J2 Core is that it would run Android 8.1 given that that version is the least that you can have while still supporting Android Go apps. The security patch on board the device will be the same as from December 5, 2017 and it remains to be seen if the latest security patch is made available once the device gets officially launched.

Specifications that the device will come with is also anybody’s guess at the moment though given that it would be running Android Go apps, those will hardly be exciting enough. The device will also come with on-screen navigation controls, as has been revealed in the pictures that has been leaked online. The lack of the physical capacitive buttons might also be another reason for the display to not have any size restrictions though there isn’t a surety if the phones will come with infinity displays.

The price of the phones is also a mystery as of now though what is a surety is that its going to be in the ultra low cost price range. More details are awaited.