Rosalina Takes the Reigns: Super Mario Bros. Wonder Mod Lets You Play as the Cosmic Princess

Fans of the popular fan-made game Super Mario Bros. Wonder have something new to celebrate: a mod that allows you to play as the beloved character, Rosalina! This exciting addition marks the first in a “Women of Wonder” series created by the talented modder Dytser, aiming to expand the game’s playable roster with female characters.

Key Highlights:

  • New Mod for Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Play as Rosalina, the beloved cosmic princess.
  • First in “Women of Wonder” Series: Mod creator Dytser plans to introduce more female playable characters.
  • Unique Abilities: Utilize Rosalina’s iconic celestial powers for a refreshing gameplay experience.
  • Replaces Blue Toad: Mod avoids replacing existing princesses, offering a diverse roster.

super mario bros wonder 1

Replacing the Blue Toad, Rosalina brings her unique celestial powers to the Mushroom Kingdom, offering players a fresh and exciting gameplay experience. Her abilities include:

  • Luma Shot: Shoot Luma projectiles at enemies for ranged attacks.
  • Gravity Control: Briefly alter gravity to reach new heights and access hidden areas.
  • Star Spin: Create a protective aura that damages nearby enemies and pushes them back.

These innovative abilities not only complement Rosalina’s character but also introduce strategic depth to the game, encouraging players to experiment and explore new strategies.

The mod seamlessly integrates Rosalina into the existing game, maintaining the original aesthetic while adding a touch of cosmic wonder. The custom animations and sound effects capture Rosalina’s personality perfectly, making her feel like a natural addition to the Mario universe.

Mod Compatibility and Installation:

The Rosalina mod is currently available for the PC version of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is compatible with most other mods and can be easily installed through the game’s built-in mod manager.

Future Plans for the “Women of Wonder” Series:

Dytser has not yet revealed which female characters they plan to add next to the “Women of Wonder” series. However, they have hinted at a diverse roster that includes fan favorites and lesser-known characters.

Dytser’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity in Super Mario Bros. Wonder is commendable. By creating the “Women of Wonder” series, they provide opportunities for players to experience the game from different perspectives and enjoy the unique strengths and abilities of various characters.

Community Reception:

The Rosalina mod has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Super Mario Bros. Wonder community. Players are praising the mod’s quality, Rosalina’s unique gameplay mechanics, and Dytser’s commitment to diversity.

With Rosalina joining the roster, the possibilities for adventure in Super Mario Bros. Wonder become even more exciting. This mod is a must-try for fans of the game and anyone seeking a new and refreshing take on the classic platformer experience.