Rocket Lab Gears Up for First Neutron Launch in 2024

Rocket lab

Rocket Lab is pushing forward with its ambitious plans to launch the Neutron rocket for the first time in 2024, marking a significant leap in its quest to offer more versatile and cost-effective space services.

Key Highlights:

  • Rocket Lab’s Neutron is designed for rapid reuse and to be cost-competitive with other medium-class rockets.
  • The Neutron rocket, with its unique design and carbon composite materials, aims for frequent and low-cost reuse.
  • It will have the capability to place 8,000 kilograms into low Earth orbit with first-stage recovery.
  • The first launch is targeted for 2024 from Wallops Island, Virginia.
  • Rocket Lab has received strong commercial and government interest in Neutron, including a $24 million development contract from the U.S. Space Force.

Rocket lab

Neutron Rocket: A Leap Towards Reusability and Efficiency

The Neutron rocket, with its innovative design, emphasizes rapid reusability and cost efficiency. It features a unique “Hungry Hippo” fairing and utilizes methane and liquid oxygen propellants. Rocket Lab’s CEO, Peter Beck, has highlighted the vehicle’s design focused on reusability, with the goal of turning around the first stage for another launch within 24 hours of landing. This approach is aimed at driving all design decisions towards efficiency and sustainability​​.

Virginia: The Launchpad for Neutron’s Maiden Flight

Rocket Lab has chosen Wallops Island, Virginia, as the launch site for the Neutron rocket. This decision reinforces Virginia’s position as a strategic asset in the aerospace industry. Rocket Lab’s partnership with Virginia is set to strengthen with the construction of the Neutron Production Complex, expected to commence promptly. The project has garnered support from the U.S. Space Force, reflecting strong commercial and government interest in Neutron’s capabilities​​.

Rocket Lab’s Expanding Footprint

Beyond Neutron, Rocket Lab has made significant strides in the space sector with its Electron rocket and comprehensive space services. The company’s Electron rocket has been a reliable choice for deploying satellites into orbit since 2018. Rocket Lab’s expansion includes a new satellite cleanroom and processing facility, alongside a portfolio of 220+ missions in development for commercial, civil, and defense customers​​.

An Ambitious Schedule Leading to 2024

Rocket Lab has outlined a packed launch schedule leading up to the Neutron’s first launch. With a series of Electron missions planned throughout 2024, Rocket Lab is demonstrating its commitment to maintaining a high launch cadence and showcasing its capabilities in the lead-up to Neutron’s debut​​.


As Rocket Lab prepares for the first Neutron launch in 2024, the space industry is closely watching. The company’s focus on reusability, cost efficiency, and rapid launch turnaround positions Neutron as a potential game-changer in medium-class rocket offerings. The strong support from Virginia and the U.S. Space Force underscores the strategic importance of Neutron to national security and space exploration efforts. Rocket Lab’s progress on Neutron, coupled with its established success with Electron, indicates a promising future for the company in the space launch market.

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