Rio Olympics 2016: Technologies to take center stage this Olympics

The countdown to Rio Olympics 2016 has started for all sports-crazed fans. Now we don’t need to stay up the entire night to view our favorite sports telecast on our network TV as technology has made our lives far a lot simpler.

Along with that, we can get access to continuous streaming of the entire event through various Android and iOS apps and even YouTube Channels designed especially for Rio Olympics 2016. Technology Operations Center has set up for the smooth functioning of the entire event concept.

The main aim of TOC is to Control and Command Centre for technology that supervises all the 144 Olympic competition and non-competition venues. This facility will not only monitor and control the IT system that supports the functioning of the game but is also responsible for delivering the Olympic sports results to the entire World through Real Media. Below mentioned are a few aspects of Technology which cannot be ignored:

The Cloud:



This would be the very first time in Olympics that Cloud would be used for key applications along with volunteer portal and accreditation system. A new delivery model has been formulated as a part of the transformation. 

There has been a paradigm shift from ‘build each time’ to ‘build once model’. This shift has delivery of some critical services which in turn would lead to significant efficiencies and operating flexibilities. This application of technology will ensure smooth flow of the entire program without any technical breakdown.

Virtual Reality:


The use of this technology will set an example for the way our future generations will intake sports and entertainment. The application of Virtual Reality in the games would differentiate the entire program from other events. 

All the viewers would give a compatible virtual reality headset through which they would be able to watch some selected events live in VR. On demand, VR footage would also be made available to those who are without the headset. It is a redefining moment in the sports industry as how people can watch sports in the future.



Snapchat would be the first ever platform to share the Olympics sports videos through streaming the content at the Summer Rio Games. Buzzfeed has already been uploaded and promoted on Snapchat Discover.

The Snapchat’s Olympic content shall soon be broadcasted. The participants present at the Olympic’s event would also be able to make and share videos of the games to Snapchat’s Olympics story. This Olympic story column would feature those videos for 24 hours from upload.

4K Ultra HD Coverage:


Here the vital role is played by cable, satellite, telecom providers and other partners. It is an impressive new technology giving a spectacular look to the audiences. 4K Ultra HD technology is a champion in displaying images at eight million pixels (3840×2160). It is an ultra-high resolution coverage that is approximately four times that of current high-definition (1920×1080 pixels). What could be better than this?

The introduction of high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging is another innovative technique that would produce a wider and richer range of colors. A new sound system technology that is Dolby Atmos is applied to have a more immersive audio experience.

Wearable Technology:


This technology is used for tracking the progress of the athletes training. Each game has a different applicability. Let us see how:

  • Boxing: Boxers can easily keep a track of a number of punches thrown per day and identify the maximum speed achieved per day. Through this, they can judge the scope of improvements in their performance.
  • Taekwondo: For the first time in the history of sports, the head gears in Taekwondo will have electronic sensors for the transparency in scoring.
  • Cycling: The US cycling is wearing special goggles during the race that would provide them constant information on speed and wind conditions.
  • Marathoners: Marathoners would use patches to collect sweat for determining the electrolyte levels. Core temperatures are also monitored by ingesting a pill that can read and measure these levels.

Information Technology will play a vital role in making the entire Olympics event a great success. All the Olympic Technology Partners including Omega for Timepieces, Timing, Scoring, and On-Venue Results; Panasonic for amazing Audio-Visual Equipment; Samsung for Wireless Communications as well as important local partners are working hand in hand for smooth and efficient functioning.


Having worked on Entertainment, Technology, and Business for four years, Meenakshi finds solace in technology, and more so in covering it. She loves to read novels, listen to music, and roam around places. You can reach Meenakshi at


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