Revolutionizing Communication: The Rabbit R1 by Teenage Engineering

gear r1 USB C SIM

The Rabbit R1, a new AI-powered assistant co-designed by Teenage Engineering, has recently sparked discussions in the tech world about the potential shift in how we use personal technology. This device, introduced at CES 2024, is not just another smartphone but a novel approach to digital assistance.

Key Highlights:

  • Rabbit R1 is an AI device capable of executing tasks of most smartphone apps.
  • Features include a 360-degree rotating camera and the ability to take work video calls.
  • Offers both WiFi and cellular connectivity; includes a SIM card slot.
  • Equipped with a MediaTek Helio P35 processor, 4 GB memory, 128 GB storage.
  • Ensures user privacy with data control and no always-active listening mode.
  • Priced at $199, with no additional monthly subscription required.
  • Shipping starts in late March 2024 for US orders.

gear r1 USB C SIM

The Rabbit R1 aims to streamline the digital experience by replacing app-based interactions with more intuitive, conversational engagements with AI. The device’s standout feature is its 360-degree rotating camera, aptly named “Rabbit Eye,” which can capture and document surroundings, scan physical objects, and even suggest recipes based on ingredients in your fridge​​.

Teenage Engineering’s design influence is evident in the R1’s aesthetics and functionality. The device boasts a 2.88-inch screen, a simple analog scroll wheel, and a push-to-talk button, emphasizing ease of use and efficiency. It’s more than just a portable AI; it’s a statement against the distraction-heavy smartphone culture​​.

One of the key aspects of the R1 is its commitment to user privacy. It operates independently of smartphones, allowing users to manage their data and control their digital footprint actively. This feature addresses growing concerns about privacy and data security in the digital age​​.

The Rabbit R1, priced at an affordable $199, does not require any additional monthly subscription, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Its launch has been successful, with the first batch of 10,000 units selling out quickly, indicating a strong market interest​​.

Rabbit R1 runs on Rabbit OS and utilizes the Large Action Model (LAM) software platform. This system allows the device to perform a variety of tasks such as entertainment, communication, and transportation services through natural language inputs. It can learn and automate workflows within commonly used apps and interfaces. Notably, Rabbit OS places a strong emphasis on user privacy and security, performing tasks without storing sensitive identity information or passwords​

The R1 showcases a sleek and pocket-friendly design, a hallmark of the collaboration with Teenage Engineering. It includes a unique feature called the “Rabbit eye,” a rotating camera designed for privacy, useful for video calls and advanced computer vision applications. The device is also equipped with a microphone activated by a push-to-talk button, a 2.88-inch touchscreen display, a scroll wheel for navigation, a USB-C port for charging, 128GB of storage, and a SIM slot for mobile data​

The Rabbit R1, co-designed by Teenage Engineering, is more than just an AI assistant. It represents a shift in our interaction with technology, focusing on simplifying our digital lives while respecting user privacy. Its design and functionality challenge the smartphone’s dominance, offering an innovative, efficient, and secure alternative. With its successful launch and unique features, the R1 could be the beginning of a new era in personal technology.


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