Reliance Jio Referral Programme Creates Excitement among employees

The latest telecom company to start offering 4G services in the country is Reliance. In their current marketing campaign, they have taken exclusivity to a new level.

Exclusivity seems to be the tool of a new era in marketing. It might have failed with its recent major cameo with Google+, but its recent success with One Plus One phones and a monumental success with Facebook, over a decade ago are some stories, indeed.

RIL have come up with a plan that allows each of their employees to send out ten invites for a 4G network conversion.

There has been a substantial increase in the number of 3G and 4G users over the past few users. Jio and Airtel, with their current spectrum allowance, can tap into a larger share of the market as compared to their counterparts. Cell sites and fibre advantage just add to their superiority.

The CLSA report said that there has been a noteworthy increase of usage per individual and the rate is still growing. This indicates an increase in Average Revenue per User. These users are set to account for 60 percent of the market by the year 2018.

To add to the exclusivity, these invites also include an exclusive invitation to buy LYF-branded smartphones, that will be bundled with unlimited voice calls and 4G data for 90 days. Other free facilities include free access to all Jio apps.

This kind of an approach before the commercial launch is said to create an anticipatory demand like it did for One Plus One phones.

There have been floating rumours that Jio may come up with content-based Live Video and TV on demand. W haven’t had an official statement about this, but it goes perfectly well with the company’s current plans.

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