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Redragon launches new desktop wired gaming speakers ‘stenor gs500’ & ‘orpheus gs550’

Whether you game on a powerful rig or a laptop, the most important factor that creates an immersive experience when playing is sound. While most gamers would opt for headphones for the best audio effects without disturbing the neighborhood, many would agree with the uncomfortable feeling over a longer duration. So why not have an alternative audio system on your desk? Redragon, a high-value brand well-known for high-performance gaming products, announces two new wired desktop gaming stereo speakers the ‘Stenor GS500’ and ‘Orpheus GS550’. While the Stenor is a standard stereo kit, the Orpheus is versatile and can be joined together as a soundbar on your desk. The two speakers have rich aesthetics featuring red backlights and awesome looks that blend with your gaming rig.

The Redragon Stenor GS500 is a 2.0 stereo wired desktop gaming speaker featuring a single full-range driver for each channel. Powered by a USB port from your laptop or desktop, the speakers come equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack and mic port for your peripheral needs. A large round and handy volume knob with an on/off switch and backlit with red accents add to the aesthetics alongside the red glowing driver cones behind the protective grilles. With zero distortion on peak volumes, the GD500 can pump out some great bass and crystal-clear highs at 5 watts per channel. Get one for your desk at just Rs 1490/-

The Redragon Orpheus GS550 is also a 2.0 stereo wired gaming desktop speaker, but with a twist — it can be combined into a soundbar for your desk or TV — a true shapeshifter. The Orpheus shares similar aesthetics as seen on the Stenor — red backlit knob and drivers — the design stands out with 2-in-1 speaker/soundbar options. Upfront, you also get a mic and headphone jack in case you want to switch to a personal audio system. The 3-watt drivers feature full-range audio with zero distortion on full volumes and added powerful bass for an immersive gaming or movie experience. Complement your work desk with an Orpheus GS550 for just Rs 1390/-