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realme 10 Pro+ debuts globally, showcases features flagship-level 120Hz curved display and brand new Hyperspace design

realme 10 Pro+ makes its official debut in India today – and heralds the launch of realme’s new Number Series : the realme 10 Pro+ Series. Inspired by hyperspace tunnel, realme 10 Pro comes with Hyperspace design, moving realme’s stylish design to a further step. realme 10 Pro+ also features the first 120Hz curved display in realme number line up with the world’s first 2160 PWM Dimming technology, providing a flagship-level using experience that was once only reserved for more expensive flagship models.

Hyperspace Design

Starting from realme 1, “Power Meets Style” has been the design philosophy that the brand has always followed  – and with the all new hyperspace design in relame’s 10Pro+ , realme is bringing a new vision to the realme of smartphone design.

  • Inspired by hyperspace tunnels

The design is inspired by the concept of hyperspace tunnels. The refracted light of the design appears as if light is being stretched to the limit at ultra-high speeds, and creates a dynamic three-dimensional effect. This design breaks from convention, moving from the standard two dimensions into three dimensions and beyond through the Prism Acceleration Pattern and Nebula Particles. With every turn of the hand and with every new angle comes a new light and a new vision.

  • Classic Twin-lens Reflex (TLR) Camera Design

The classic shape of the twin-lens reflex camera is combined with modern digital images across time and space, bringing a new street photography trend image expression.

 Flagship-level 120Hz Curved Display 

  • World’s narrowest bottom bezel of any curved display smartphone

With a 15 million USD custom-made curved display, realme 10 Pro+ aims to provide a flagship-level display using experience for young users. Thanks to the latest COP Ultra packaging process, the bezels on realme 10 Pro+ are much thinner than other counterparts. The middle frame is only 2.5mm at its thinnest point, and the bottom bezel is 2.33mm which is the world’s narrowest bottom bezel of any curved display smartphone, both providing a great flagship touch experience.

  • World’s First 2160Hz PWM Dimming to protect eyes

In dark environments (brightness below 90 nits) where DC dimming can’t work, realme 10 Pro+ will automatically switch to 2160Hz PWM dimming mode to maintain accurate colors on display with a more comfortable eye experience. The dimming efficiency is increased by 4.5 times compared to the conventional 480Hz PWM in most smartphones.