Rainbow Six Siege Director Discusses Decision Against Sequel After 9 Years

Rainbow six siege

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege has been a staple in the tactical shooter genre since its release in 2015, blending unique operator abilities with a slow, strategic approach to gameplay. Despite its age, the game continues to draw in a massive player base, thanks to a steady stream of updates, new operators, and maps. Given its success and longevity, the question of a sequel naturally arises. However, Ubisoft Montreal, the game’s developer, believes a sequel at this point would be a mistake.

Key Highlights:

  • No Plans for Rainbow Six Siege 2: Ubisoft Montreal has no plans for a sequel to Rainbow Six Siege, preferring to update the existing game.
  • Creative Direction: The game’s creative director, Leroy Athanassof, emphasized the desire to evolve the game through updates rather than starting anew.
  • Player Investment: The team aims to protect and increase players’ investment in the game by continuously improving and adding to the current framework.

Rainbow six siege

Continuous Evolution Over a New Start

Ubisoft Montreal’s approach to Rainbow Six Siege is grounded in the belief that the game’s success and longevity can be extended through continual improvements and additions within the existing framework. This strategy aligns with the live-service model, where games are kept fresh and engaging over the years with regular updates, new content, and gameplay adjustments.

Innovation within the Current Framework: Instead of creating a new game, the development team focuses on incremental changes that evolve the game over time. This method allows for the introduction of new features and improvements while maintaining the core experience that players have grown to love.

Protecting Player Investment: A sequel would entail significant changes, potentially alienating the current player base and undermining their investment in the game. By continuing to build on the existing game, Ubisoft Montreal aims to enhance the value of that investment, making the existing ‘home’ of Siege players even better.

Community and Longevity: The decision against a sequel also reflects a commitment to the game’s community. Rainbow Six Siege boasts millions of players, and its popularity shows no sign of waning. The development team’s focus is on catering to this community by providing a game that remains dynamic, engaging, and responsive to player feedback.

A Unique Perspective on Gaming Sequels

Ubisoft Montreal’s stance on not developing a sequel to Rainbow Six Siege reflects a broader perspective on how games can be sustained and evolved over time. By choosing to focus on incremental improvements and listening closely to the community, the developers are charting a path that diverges from the traditional cycle of releasing sequels to successful titles.

This approach not only ensures that Rainbow Six Siege remains a relevant and exciting game for its existing players but also sets a precedent for how other games could be developed and maintained in the future. It underscores the importance of community engagement and the potential for live-service models to sustain a game’s success over many years.

In conclusion,

Ubisoft Montreal’s decision against a Rainbow Six Siege sequel embodies a commitment to evolution over replacement. This philosophy prioritizes the player’s investment in the game and the community that has built up around it. As the game continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how this approach influences the broader gaming industry and the development of future titles​​​​​​​​.


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