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Quordle Today: Answers and Hints for September 13, 2023

Quordle, the addictive word puzzle game that has taken the internet by storm, continues to captivate word enthusiasts with its daily challenges. For those looking to conquer the Quordle grid for September 13, 2023, we have the answers and hints you need to succeed.

What is Quordle?

Quordle is a game that challenges players to guess five five-letter words within six attempts. It combines elements of wordplay and logic, offering a refreshing twist on the classic word puzzle.

The Challenge for September 13, 2023

Today’s Quordle challenge presents a unique set of five-letter words that will test your vocabulary and deductive skills. Let’s dive right in.

Hints for Success

To conquer today’s Quordle puzzle, keep these hints in mind:

Start with Common Vowels: Begin by trying common vowels like ‘E’ and ‘A’ in various positions on the grid. This can help you eliminate possibilities and narrow down your choices.

Use Letter Frequency: Consider the frequency of letters in the English language. Letters like ‘T,’ ‘N,’ and ‘R’ are often good starting points.

Think About Word Structure: Pay attention to the structure of words. Words generally follow common patterns, such as consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) or vowel-consonant-vowel (VCV).

Trial and Error: Don’t hesitate to experiment. Quordle allows you six attempts, so use them wisely to refine your guesses.

Use the Community: If you get stuck, you can always turn to the Quordle community for hints and suggestions. Many players enjoy collaborating to solve the daily puzzles.

Today’s Answers for Quordle – September 13, 2023

  1. SHEEP
  2. TRUMP
  3. GRAVE
  4. CRANE
  5. SWING

Congratulations if you managed to solve the puzzle using these answers!


Quordle provides a daily dose of wordplay fun, challenging players to stretch their vocabulary and problem-solving abilities. With today’s answers and hints in hand, you’re well-equipped to tackle the Quordle grid for September 13, 2023.

Remember, practice makes perfect, and Quordle is an excellent way to exercise your mind while having a blast. So, sharpen your word skills and keep on quordling!

Key Takeaways:

Quordle is a popular word puzzle game with daily challenges.

  • The challenge for September 13, 2023, features five five-letter words.
  • Hints include starting with common vowels, considering letter frequency, thinking about word structure, using trial and error, and seeking community help.
  • The answers for today’s Quordle challenge are SHEEP, TRUMP, GRAVE, CRANE, and SWING.