Qualcomm Elevates Wireless Earbuds and Headphones with Wi-Fi Innovation

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In a recent advancement, Qualcomm has introduced Wi-Fi technology to its wireless earbuds and headphones, marking a significant upgrade aimed at enriching user experience. The innovation is encapsulated in the company’s S7 Pro Gen 1 platform which is at the helm of this technological leap.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of Wi-Fi alongside lossless hi-res audio to bolster audio quality​​.
  • The S7 Pro platform featuring micro-power Wi-Fi technology extending the wireless range beyond traditional Bluetooth capabilities​​.
  • Wi-Fi on the S7 Pro enabling a bandwidth of up to 29Mbps, which is ample for streaming Hi-Res audio via platforms like Tidal​​.
  • The latest audio chips facilitating head-tracked spatial audio, and low-latency for mobile gaming, alongside lossless audio for an enhanced audio experience​​.

19244371 sonic lamb moonstone white 1600x1600 1

Wi-Fi: A Game Changer for Wireless Audio:

The introduction of Wi-Fi technology in Qualcomm’s wireless earbuds and headphones is a game changer. Unlike Bluetooth, which has limitations in bandwidth, Wi-Fi on the S7 Pro platform can zoom at up to 29Mbps, making it suitable for lossless audio transmission. This high bandwidth ensures users can enjoy Hi-Res audio streaming on platforms like Tidal. Dino Bekins, the Vice President and General Manager at Qualcomm, emphasized that these platforms set a new benchmark for high-performance sound at ultra-low power.

Extended Wireless Range:

The micro-power Wi-Fi technology of the S7 Pro platform extends the wireless range of earbuds and headphones beyond the regular confines of Bluetooth. This is a significant upgrade as it allows for greater flexibility and freedom of movement for the user.

Enhanced Audio Experience:

Qualcomm’s latest audio chips are crafted to provide an enriched audio experience. They enable head-tracked spatial audio and low-latency for mobile gaming, which are crucial for a real and immersive audio experience. The lossless audio feature ensures that the sound quality is pristine and free from any distortions.

Qualcomm’s recent stride into integrating Wi-Fi technology into its wireless audio devices has opened a new frontier in audio experience. The S7 Pro Gen 1 platform, which is at the heart of this innovation, heralds a new era where the limitations of Bluetooth are surpassed, offering a more flexible and enriched user experience.

Qualcomm’s move to integrate Wi-Fi technology in its wireless earbuds and headphones, specifically through its S7 Pro Gen 1 platform, has elevated the audio experience to a new level. The extended wireless range, lossless hi-res audio, and low-latency for gaming are notable improvements that underline Qualcomm’s commitment to delivering high-quality audio solutions.

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