Proton Mail Desktop App Launches for MacOS and Windows, Enters Beta for Linux

Proton Mail Desktop App Launches for MacOS and Windows, Enters Beta for Linux
Proton Mail launches desktop app for Windows and macOS out of beta and introduces a beta version for Linux, enhancing email privacy and security on desktop.

Proton Mail, the privacy-focused email service, has recently made significant strides in its desktop application’s availability. The app, previously accessible in beta for Windows and macOS, has now officially launched for these platforms, marking a new chapter for users who prefer desktop clients over web interfaces for managing their emails. Concurrently, Proton has expanded its desktop app offerings by introducing a beta version for Linux users, catering to the community’s long-standing request for more robust desktop support.

Key Highlights:

  • The desktop app for Windows and macOS has moved out of beta and is now available for all Proton’s paid users.
  • A beta version of the Proton Mail desktop app for Linux users has been introduced, expanding support for the open-source community.
  • The desktop apps aim to replicate the secure and private email experience Proton Mail is known for, directly from users’ desktops.

Notable Features and Information:

  • The desktop version does not significantly diverge in design from Proton’s web tools but aims to offer a more responsive experience, keeping emails separate from the browser window​​.
  • Proton Mail offers a 14-day free trial of the new app for non-paying users, after which a subscription to one of Proton’s paid plans is required to continue using the app. The Mail Plus plan is available at $4/month with an annual subscription, offering 15GB of storage, while the Proton Unlimited plan at $10/month includes 500GB of storage along with additional services like Proton Drive, Pass, and VPN​​.
  • For Linux users, the app is still in beta and might lack some functionalities expected at this stage. It supports automatic updates, which means any early issues are likely to be resolved swiftly. Despite some initial teething problems, such as difficulties loading on Fedora/Ubuntu systems, the development team encourages users to download and test the app, suggesting that experiences may vary​​.
  • Alongside email, the Proton Mail desktop app integrates the Proton Calendar, offering a seamless switch between mail and calendar views. Additional features include caching for offline use, automatic updates, and enhanced security features like advanced phishing protection and protection from email trackers​​.

A Step Forward for Privacy-Conscious Users:

The launch of Proton Mail’s desktop app for Windows and macOS and the beta release for Linux underscore the company’s commitment to providing secure and private email solutions across various platforms. David Dudok de Wit, Head of Growth at Proton Mail, highlighted the desktop app’s launch as a “significant milestone” in email security, offering an alternative to the data-harvesting practices of major tech companies​​.


The Proton Mail desktop app for Windows and macOS is available to all paid Proton Mail subscribers. The Linux beta version is also currently available to paid subscribers.

This development signifies Proton’s dedication to expanding its secure email service to a wider audience, emphasizing the importance of privacy in today’s digital age. For more detailed information on the Proton Mail desktop app’s features, availability, and user experiences, please refer to the official announcements and user feedback across various platforms​​​​​​​​.

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