The Plextone G20 is a significant improvement over the older Plextone G10 in possibly all areas. Currently priced at INR 890 on Amazon, I found these earbuds to be worth every penny and a lot more. Read more to find out.

Sound Quality and Comfort

I’ve just used these for a week and the only word that pops up in my mind is amazing. They come with numerous tips for all ear sizes, clip, and a super long extension cable. Besides, these earbuds are magnetic, so they stick together to prevent tangling. Hence, there are minimal tangle issues considering the length of the cable, which is designed to plug into a PC while gaming.

Plextone G20 gaming 2Talking about sound quality, I would say these deliver a top-notch, immersive sound experience. If you like EDM, dubstep, or hip hop, you’re in for a treat. I was amazed by how nice the bass sounds, as well as the highs and mids. While I wouldn’t call myself an expert when it comes to sound, but if I had to compare to other earbuds in price range, these are easily a notch above the rest. That said, some people might find the bass and mids a tad overpowering.

Plextone G20 gaming 1If you plan on gaming with these, I could play Horizon Zero Dawn for long periods of time without any discomfort. The overall sound experience while gaming felt immersive. Even the sound quality via the microphone is clear, according to my PSN friends online. Besides, the audio you get while on calls is also really good. The caller on the other end could hear me clearly and so could I. Just make sure to use the clip provided so that the mic stays close to your mouth.

Wrap Up

Plextone G20 gamingAll in all, I was rather impressed after I spent my time with these listening to music or while gaming. It handles bass like a champ, and the memory foam does a good job of blocking outside noise. And the best part is how affordable these are. I’m honestly impressed with the sound quality of how little you pay. The Plextone G20 gaming headset certainly holds up very well for its price tag.  The packaging is top-notch, cable quality is good, and earbuds themselves feel well constructed.