Sony confirms PlayStation 4 Pro, backward compatibility introduced

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a new variant of its PlayStation 4 parallel to the Xbox One S. The announcement may have been subdued over loud clamours about a certain ‘i’ product launch, but this sure has gathered some interest in the gaming world and is bound to do more before its launch that is scheduled for November 10, at a price of $399.

The console is said to support 4k resolution and High Dynamic Range of display. Sony also announced that all the PS4s would get an HDR upgrade soon. A slimmer and more energy efficient version of this will be released later this month on the 15th. The price of this one is said to be $299 (more competitive with Xbox One S.

Codenamed Neo, the PS4 Pro, will Sony’s VR which is going to be released in October. Additional announcements include Netflix (with 600 hours of content) and YouTube launching an app each for the console.

Since its launch in 2013, Sony has sold more than 40 million PlayStation 4 console units, massively outpacing Microsoft’s XBox One and of course Nintendo’s Wii U.
Sony said that the gaming business is going to be its most influential driver of growth, helped by an impressive PS4 console sales, a rise in subscribers list to its gaming network and the launch of its VR headset.

In the financial year ended March 2017, Sony is expecting the gaming unit to account for 45% of its total operating profit. Last year alone the company sold 17.7 million units of the PS4 and this year it expects to sell 20 million.

The announcement may have been lost in a huge ruckus created by another event, but these upcoming gaming launches are bound to raise some eyebrows. Said to provide a 4K gaming experience, the Neo is up against the Xbox One S. The price war between the two hasn’t been very competitive in the past as the PS consoles are more expensive.

Humorously nicknamed, ‘Project Scorpio’ Microsoft’s next gaming rendering will have similar specs, but it won’t be released until the end of 2017. With exciting features such as backward compatibility, these consoles are certainly intriguing for the gaming enthusiasts all over the world. The launches aren’t far away, and we shall find out about their fate soon enough.

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