PlayStation 5 Owners Change This Setting After System Update

PlayStation 5 Owners Change This Setting After System Update

PlayStation 5 users have been quick to take advantage of a recent system update that brings some long-awaited changes to the console. One feature, in particular, has been getting significant attention from gamers. The newly added ability to adjust the brightness of the PS5’s power indicator light has made a big splash.

Key Highlights

  • Adjustable PS5 Light: Gamers can now dim the console’s power indicator light, a frequent request since launch.
  • Improved DualSense Controller: Updates bring better speaker audio quality and enhanced microphone noise cancellation.
  • Social Feature Enhancements: New options for Share Screen viewers to interact with the broadcaster.

PlayStation 5 Owners Change This Setting After System Update

A Glowing Issue Resolved

Many PlayStation 5 owners found the bright light emanating from the power indicator distracting, especially during movie time or late-night gaming sessions. The new settings allow players to fine-tune the intensity of this light to match their preferences.

To adjust this setting, PS5 users can navigate to: Settings > System > Beep and Light > Brightness

More Than Just a Light

The system update brings more than just customizable lighting options. Sony has also tweaked the DualSense controller, providing clearer audio from its built-in speaker. Additionally, the microphone benefits from improved noise cancellation algorithms, resulting in crisper voice chat for players.

Sony has also focused on enhancing the PS5’s social and interactive features. Viewers watching a Share Screen broadcast now have the option to send pointer icons and emoji reactions to interact with the broadcaster.

Why the Change Matters

The ever-present white LED lights on the PlayStation 5 have divided opinion since the console’s launch. While some gamers appreciate the futuristic aesthetic, many found the lights distracting and overly bright, especially when gaming in low-light settings or watching movies. This newest system update addresses the issue and gives users greater customization options.

Other Notable Updates

The system update also brings several additional quality-of-life improvements to the PS5 experience:

  • Enhanced DualSense controller features: The DualSense controller now offers louder speaker audio and improved mic noise cancellation for clearer voice communication.
  • Share Screen updates: Viewers who watch Share Screen broadcasts can now interact with pointers and emojis for a more engaging experience.

User Reactions

PlayStation 5 owners have greeted the brightness adjustment feature with enthusiasm. Comments across social media platforms indicate that a large part of the PS5 community is delighted to have control over this previously fixed detail. While some users still desire a full “lights off” option, the update is seen as a significant step towards greater personalization of the console.

The Importance of User Feedback

The new power indicator brightness setting underscores the value Sony places on user feedback. This demonstrates a commitment to improving the PlayStation 5 experience iteratively, even with seemingly minor features that can significantly affect player enjoyment.

The Future Looks Bright (Or Dim)

While some PS5 users would still prefer the option to completely disable the power indicator, the system update’s brightness adjustment is a welcome change. The additional improvements to the DualSense and Share Screen functionality show Sony’s ongoing efforts to improve the overall PS5 experience. With an ever-evolving system and a dedicated community, PlayStation’s future is shaping up to be bright – customizable brightness, that is.

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