Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox Players Face Save-Wiping Bug, Larian Offers Temporary Fixes

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Baldur’s Gate 3 players on Xbox platforms are experiencing a game-breaking bug that wipes their entire save files. This issue has caused frustration and disappointment among the community, as some players have lost hours of gameplay progress.

Key Highlights:

  • Xbox players of Baldur’s Gate 3 report losing entire save files due to a critical bug.
  • The bug reportedly deletes progress after crashes or console reboots.
  • Larian Studios acknowledges the issue and releases a temporary fix via a small update.
  • Players are advised to manually update their Xbox and disable cloud saves while the permanent solution is being developed.

PS BG3 07 Minthara scaled 1

The bug reportedly manifests after crashes or console reboots, causing save files to disappear completely. Multiple reports have surfaced on Reddit, Twitter, and other online forums, detailing the devastating impact of this bug on players’ experiences.

Larian Studios Responds with Temporary Solution

Fortunately, Larian Studios has acknowledged the issue and taken steps to address it. In a tweet, the developer confirmed the bug and announced the release of a small update containing stability fixes. This update is available to download via the Xbox system menu.

While the update may offer some reprieve, it’s important to note that it’s not a permanent solution. Larian is still working on a definitive fix for the save file deletion bug.

Community Offers Workarounds

While the wait for a permanent fix continues, some players have found temporary workarounds that may help mitigate the risk of losing progress. These include:

  • Disabling cloud saves: This can be done through the game’s settings menu.
  • Creating multiple save files: Having several save files at different points in the game can act as a backup in case one gets deleted.
  • Closing the game properly: Avoiding force-quitting and ensuring the game is closed through the in-game menu before shutting down the console.

Frustrated Players Seek Answers

Despite the temporary fixes, the save file deletion bug continues to impact players’ enjoyment of Baldur’s Gate 3. Many players have expressed their frustration and disappointment on social media, urging Larian to prioritize a permanent solution.

The save-wiping bug in Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox platforms is a major concern for the game’s community. While Larian Studios has acknowledged the issue and released a temporary fix, players are eagerly awaiting a permanent solution. In the meantime, the community has offered some workarounds that may help minimize the risk of losing progress.

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