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PLAYGO T44 True Wireless Earphones: Should You Buy?

We’ve come a long way since the launch of Apple’s Airpods. The market for wireless earphones is undoubtedly on the rise, and it’s safe to say buyers have no shortage of models to choose from. Off-late, we’ve seen the launch of numerous wireless earbuds from different brands. Now, Gurgoan-based manufacturer Play has launched its new wireless earphone – the PlayGo T44 in India. Priced at INR 2,999, these earbuds will be offered in black and white colour variant, while they’ll go on sale starting 14th of July via Amazon India, PLAY e-store, and through the company’s offline stores across the country.

Features and Sound Quality


Feature-wise, these wireless earbuds pack the proprietory EBEL (Enhanced Bass and Extra Loud) 10mm drivers to offer a crisp and soothing aural experience. Talking about sound quality, I liked the overall sound stage. Highs, Mids, as well as Lows are well balanced, and it doesn’t seem that one is overpowering the other. Hence, these wireless earbuds can churn beats as well as sharp sounds effectively. That said, I could feel vocals getting a little lost while listening to vocal-heavy sounds. However, the overall experience was crisp, well-balanced, without being too bass-heavy, which is the case with most of the earbuds I’ve used in this price range.

Battery and Connectivity

The PlayGo T44 supports USB Type-C charging and delivers over 20 hours of backup. It also features MCSync technology for a high-resolution audio stream, low latency, as well as more balance power consumption in both buds. Besides, it also supports Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode (10 meters), including A2DP profile. Connectivity and range are pretty solid with Bluetooth 5.0. I was able to stroll to another part of the room without experiencing call drops or loss in music. Even the call quality is rather satisfactory, especially given their reasonable price tag.


They also get an auto-connect feature which pairs with a smartphone as soon as you open the charging case. According to the company, these earbuds deliver over 20 hours of battery backup. Besides, the case gets a Type C charging port can charge from zero to full in less than 2 hours, claims the company. I got a battery life of about three hours, which is rather satisfactory at this price point.

Also, the PLAYGO T44 gets IPX4 protection, making them sweatproof. At 3.5 gms, these earbuds are designed to offer all-day comfort. They feature a half in-ear design which the company asserts suits most users with different ear canal sizes. In terms of fit, they felt snug around the ears without falling off during vigorous running and physical activities, which makes them a good buy for fitness enthusiasts. They can survive accidental splashes of water, but you can’t take a shower or go swimming with these on.

Are they worth it?

Taking into consideration the features mentioned above, we can say there’s a lot on offer. These earbuds will rival the likes of brands such as Xiaomi, Realme, along with affordable brands such as Boat, Boltt Audio, and Truke. Hence, if you’re on the lookout for a pair of true wireless earbuds packed with features, offer reasonably good sound quality, and are affordable – the PlayGo T44 is definitely worth a try.