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Planet Nine: New Horizons moves beyond Pluto in Kuiper Belt in search of mysterious planet

Scientists have been toying with the idea of a Planet X may be real and could account for observation for which the scientific community does not have an adequate answer.

NASA and New Horizons probe have enamored the world with its high-quality close-up pictures of Pluto and its moon. The Probe is hurtling towards another mission towards the Kuiper Belt in search for the mysterious Planet X.

Dooms Day theorists have long been claiming that there is a Planet X also known by the name Nibiru, and NASA is covering up the existence of the planet. There are some theories floating about the X planet and the most popular being one in which there is a cataclysmic collision between Earth and the planet in the 21st century. NASA has however vehemently denied the claims.

Planet X has long been in the imagination of conspiracy theorists, but some scientists do believe that there could be such a planet somewhere in the Kuiper Belt, which is now composed mainly of large icy rocks.

1500 objects of different sizes have been discovered in the Kuiper Belt. Most of these are small and barely qualify even to the level of the dwarf planet.

However, there are detractors who opine that there could be a large planet, larger than Earth and even gas giants such as Neptune out there in the Kuiper Belt.

People who talk about Planet X are not ordinary people and a report about Planet X has appeared in the prestigious journal Nature in 2014.

Evidence from the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii has been compiled that hints that there could be large gravitationally influencing object lurking out at the outer limits of the solar system.

The idea of Planet X was first floated by Percival Lowell, a rich Bostonian, who erected an observatory in Arizona. Lowell was trying to find answers for Uranus’s strange orbit that hinted that it was being affected by a large object located in the outer fringes of the solar system.

Astronomers widely agree that Planet X, does not exist, but the concept of Planet X has been revived by a minority of astronomers to explain anomalies observed in the outer Solar System.