Pioneer launches a trio of new Car AV Receivers in India that is both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay ready

Pioneer, a household name in the field of in-car entertainment, is ready to take things to a new height with its new range of three Car AV Receivers. The highlight of the three car AV receivers is that they come with Alexa built-in, making them perfect for operation via voice commands.

The three models go by the name DMH-Z6350BT (6.8-inch Car Stereo), DMH-ZS9350BT (9-inch Car Stereo), and DMH-ZF9350BT (9-inch Floating Display Car Stereo). With Alexa onboard, the three Car AV receivers are perfect for multi-tasking while also being designed to suit different car types and user requirements.

Of these, the base DMH-Z6350BT comes with a 6.8-inch capacitive type WVGA display and is priced at Rs. 49,990. Next up is the DMH-ZS9350BT that comes with a 9-inch capacitive type HD display. An inherent design quality of the DMH-ZS9350BT is that the display can be installed separately from the base unit. The DMH-ZS9350BT is priced at Rs. 79,990. Lastly, there is the top-of-the-line DMH-ZF9350BT that offers a 9-inch capacitive type HD floating display and will set you back a cool Rs. 84,990.

The car AV receivers also help in safe driving, given that users just have to ask Alexa for things that need to be done or the information that is needed. For instance, simply asking for driving direction will be enough for the relevant map to be shown on the display. Similarly, you can play music, get weather info, play audiobooks, get news updates, and plenty more, thanks to Alexa built-into the device.

Another huge positive with the new range of Pioneer car AV receivers is that they support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. That way, both allow for making phone calls without having to lift your eyes off the road. Both the car interface systems from Apple and Google present the info that might be needed by the driver, thereby making driving safe and easy.


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