Palworld’s Steam and Xbox Disparity: A Tale of Certification Challenges


Palworld, the popular open-world survival game from developer Pocketpair, has been making waves in the gaming community, not just for its gameplay but also for the noticeable differences between its Steam and Xbox versions. A deep dive into these disparities reveals a complex story of certification processes and platform-specific challenges.

Key Highlights:

  • Palworld’s Xbox version lags behind the Steam version in features and updates.
  • The discrepancies include different crafting speeds, options, and even missing exit buttons.
  • The primary cause is attributed to Microsoft’s update certification process, which is lengthier than Steam’s.
  • Developer Pocketpair is striving to achieve parity between the versions, but architecture differences make this challenging.
  • Despite these issues, Palworld has sold over 5 million copies in three days and ranked third in Steam’s all-time peak concurrent player records.


Understanding the Certification Challenge

The core issue behind the different versions of Palworld on Steam and Xbox lies in the certification process required by Microsoft for Xbox updates. This process is more stringent and time-consuming compared to Steam, where updates can be deployed more rapidly. Pocketpair’s community manager, Bucky, emphasized that they are working hard to speed up this process but are at the mercy of Microsoft’s certification.

The Impact on Gamers

For Xbox players, this has resulted in a version of Palworld that lacks several features found on Steam, such as faster crafting, the ability to name characters and rename pals, certain sound effects, higher-quality audio, and even a basic exit button. These missing elements have caused confusion and frustration among the Xbox gaming community.

Different Architectures, Different Versions

Another layer to this issue is the different underlying architectures between the Steam and Xbox platforms. These differences mean that even with updates, the two versions of Palworld may never share identical version numbers. Pocketpair has acknowledged this and noted that achieving exact parity might only be possible when cross-play compatibility is fully established.

The Silver Lining

Despite these challenges, Palworld has achieved remarkable success, with over 5 million copies sold in just three days and a peak concurrent player record on Steam. This success underscores the game’s popularity and the developer’s commitment to improving the experience across all platforms.

Developer Communication and Future Updates

There has been some criticism regarding Pocketpair’s communication about these issues. Some players believe the developer should have been more transparent and proactive in addressing concerns through official channels. Moving forward, Pocketpair has promised updates for the Xbox/Microsoft Store version but has not specified a timeline for when all features will be aligned with the Steam version.

The story of Palworld’s different versions on Steam and Xbox highlights the complexities and challenges developers face in multi-platform game development. Certification processes, platform-specific architectures, and the need for transparent communication with the gaming community are key factors that shape the gaming experience. As Pocketpair navigates these challenges, players eagerly await the day when the Steam and Xbox versions of Palworld are in sync, offering a seamless experience regardless of platform.

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