Ovevo Tango D20 review – Speakers with a punch

Ovevo is a brand known for making some really good sounding Bluetooth speakers in past. They have had success with products such as the D10 and D18. Their specialty has been dual magnetic speakers that provide immersive 360-degree sound with an added functionality of a power bank.

We got our hands on their upcoming product the Tango D20, which features two massive 10-Watt drivers and if you want to look at other speakers that can fit in your car, take a look at this review of the five best 4×6 speakers. We have been using the Ovevo Tango D20 for a while now, and here’s our review.

The Indigogo Crowdfunding for the Tango D20 is now live.


The Ovevo Tango D20 speaker comes in a pill shape with nicely curved out edges. Just like their past speakers, the D20 can be split into two individual units, the left channel, and the right channel. The drivers are placed on both sides in order to provide an immersive sound. Coming to the build quality, the speaker is sturdy and has a heft to it.

Ovevo Tango D20 2

The grill is made out of high-quality materials and covers 90% of the speaker. Since the speaker can split into two halves one side is totally occupied by the strong magnets. Individual power bottom, along with micro USB and USB port present on the two units. Both units have their own battery, which is rated at 4,200 mAh each, taking the total capacity to 8,400 mAh.

Thanks to the sturdy build, the speakers are shockproof and splash proof, but we wouldn’t recommend testing out either of the features as the USB ports are exposed leaving the speaker vulnerable for water damage.


The Ovevo Tango D20 can be paired very easily with iOS and Android devices over Bluetooth. As soon as you power on the speaker, it gets into the pairing mode. There is no need for an app which cuts down so much effort and simplifies the whole pairing process.

Ovevo Tango D20 4

Android users can go into Bluetooth settings and can see the D20 in the available devices.

Sound Quality and Battery

Talking about the audio quality, boy this speaker gets loud. We haven’t seen any speaker in this size and price point get this loud. The speaker has good mids and highs. The soundstage is more towards bass, which is very much appreciated by Indian users.

The speaker comes with two 4,200mAh batteries taking the number to 8,400mAh. We managed to get close to 14 hours of music playback on a single charge. The speakers also work as a power bank to top up your smartphones.

Ovevo Tango D20 Speaker Pricing

  • Ovevo Tango D20 – $59


  • Sturdy Design
  • Long battery life
  • Gets very loud
  • Acts as a power bank
  • Ease of use


  • Longer charging times
  • No IP rating
  • No India availability

Ovevo Tango D20 1

Verdict – Should you go for it?

The Ovevo D20 is an excellent product with good design and we were blown away by how loud the speakers could get. They sound good and are bass heavy, catering to every kind of user. The D20’s have some unique features up their sleeves and would make a great addition to your gadget list.

The shortcomings we noticed are no clear IP rating and India availability.