Overwatch 2 Esports Revitalized: OWCS Launches a New Era of Competitive Play

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Overwatch 2 esports is experiencing a dynamic resurgence with the introduction of the Overwatch Champions Series (OWCS), heralding a new era for competitive gaming. This revitalization comes after the closure of the Overwatch League in 2023, a move that marked a significant shift in Blizzard Entertainment’s esports strategy.

Key Highlights:

  • The Overwatch Champions Series (OWCS) introduces an open, inclusive, and sustainable competitive environment.
  • Major live events at DreamHack festivals, including a major tournament in Dallas and the World Finals in Stockholm.
  • Asia will host regional tournaments with formats tailored to local audiences, leading up to the OWCS Asia Championship.
  • FACEIT plays a crucial role in providing an open infrastructure for both amateur and professional players.
  • The series is managed by ESL FACEIT Group in EMEA and North America, with WDG operating the Asia circuit.

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The OWCS, operated by ESL FACEIT Group (EFG) in collaboration with Blizzard, offers an open and always-on international competition circuit. This new structure aims to provide more opportunities for players to turn professional and engage in high-level competition. Notably, the Asia OWCS circuit will be managed by WDG, a leading esports tournament organizer based in Korea.

A New Era for Overwatch Esports

Blizzard Entertainment and ESL FACEIT Group’s groundbreaking multi-year agreement marks a significant development in the esports industry. The OWCS is set to create a more open and inclusive competitive community for players across North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa (EMEA), and Asia.

Embracing Global Talents

One of the standout features of OWCS is its global reach. By dividing the competition into three major regions – North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa (EMEA), and Asia, with further subdivisions in Asia, OWCS ensures a more diverse and inclusive platform. This structure accommodates various playing styles and strategies inherent to different regions, enriching the competitive landscape.

Building a Sustainable Esports Ecosystem

Sustainability in esports is becoming increasingly important. The OWCS, in partnership with ESL FACEIT Group, aims to create a lasting and stable competitive scene for Overwatch 2. The introduction of OWCS coincides with the end of the Overwatch League and Contenders, signaling Blizzard’s commitment to a more sustainable and open competitive framework. This approach not only attracts a wider range of talents but also ensures longevity in the esports scene.

Major Events and Global Participation

The OWCS will feature two tentpole tournaments in 2024, hosted at EFG’s gaming lifestyle festival, DreamHack. These include the DreamHack Dallas Major from May 31 to June 2, 2024, and the World Finals at DreamHack Stockholm from November 22 to 24. This will be the first live Tier 1 Overwatch competition in Europe in more than five years.

Regional Focus and Diverse Opportunities

In Asia, the OWCS structure is tailored to regional needs, with subdivisions in South Korea, Japan, and the Pacific. Each subdivision will host multiple tournaments, leading up to the OWCS Asia Championship tournaments. Additionally, FACEIT will provide an open infrastructure for amateur and pro players in the Overwatch 2 community, supporting a network of players and events.

The Overwatch Champions Series is a promising leap forward for Overwatch 2 esports. It offers an open, inclusive, and sustainable competitive scene, integrating major live events and regional tournaments. With the involvement of ESL FACEIT Group and WDG, the OWCS is poised to become a beacon of high-level competitive play and global esports engagement.

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