Opera Software launches Opera 30, brings sidebar extensions to the browser

Opera Software (OSE: OPERA) Who doesn’t like to play with sidebar extensions in web browsers? In case you are not familiar with them, you might find them annoying at first place. But trust me; they do not mean to hurt your eyes.

Till now, users could easily come across sidebar extensions on Chrome or Firefox by making use of the third-party browser add-ons, as they were not readily available.

Opera is probably the only web browser available in the market that has come along with Sidebar extensions feature in its latest build.

Sidebar extensions, huh?

In case you are not aware of what exactly this feature does, let me explain. With the help of sidebar extension, one can easily deal with the kind of handy tools and apps such as notes without much hassle.

The latest Opera 30 has already made this feature available to help you out with a few important apps while browsing on the Internet.

What can I do with it?

The possibilities are simply endless. You can do almost anything, depending upon your requirements and the availability of apps or tools of such kind. Let’s say you spend much of your time on Twitter.

With Opera 30, you can now simply place your Twitter feed right on the sidebar of your web browser without getting distracted from the other important work you want to do.

“If you have an idea for adding new functionality to Opera, you can now easily implement it by creating a sidebar extension,” says Zhenis Beisekov, Product Manager at Opera Software.

Click here to download Opera 30 and check out the list of sidebar extensions available as of now.


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