OnePlus’s Hidden Gem: The Flip Phone Marketed Under OPPO’s Banner

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OnePlus, a brand renowned for its innovative smartphones, recently took a leap into the foldable phone market. However, there’s a twist. Instead of launching it under its own name, the company introduced the device under the OPPO brand, specifically as the OPPO Find N3 Flip. Here’s a deep dive into this strategic move and what it means for the tech industry.

Key Highlights:

  • OnePlus’s anticipated flip phone is being sold as the OPPO Find N3 Flip.
  • The Find N3 Flip incorporates features synonymous with OnePlus, including the alert slider.
  • OnePlus and OPPO’s integration has blurred the lines between their individual brand identities.
  • The OnePlus Open, another foldable, is set to launch soon, complementing the Find N3 Flip.
  • Market strategies dictate the branding, with OnePlus targeting North America.

OnePlus’s Strategic Move with OPPO:

When OnePlus hinted at venturing into the foldable market, tech enthusiasts eagerly awaited its unique take. The company’s reputation for marrying robust hardware with polished software set high expectations. However, the revelation that the much-anticipated OnePlus flip phone was being sold as the OPPO Find N3 Flip took many by surprise.

The Find N3 Flip isn’t just an OPPO phone with a OnePlus touch; it embodies the essence of OnePlus. From its design aesthetic to the iconic alert slider, a feature exclusive to OnePlus for years, the device feels like a OnePlus creation.

The Blurring Lines Between Brands:

Over the past couple of years, the distinction between OnePlus and OPPO has become increasingly nebulous. With OnePlus phones now using OPPO’s ColorOS and OPPO integrating features unique to OnePlus, it’s evident that the two brands are converging. This amalgamation has led to shared features, such as the Hasselblad integration initially exclusive to OnePlus.

Branding Decisions: Targeting the Right Market

The decision to launch the flip phone under the OPPO name while reserving the OnePlus Open for the OnePlus brand is strategic. OnePlus has a strong foothold in North America, making it a valuable asset for targeting this market. By leveraging the OnePlus brand for devices with potential in North America, OPPO aims to challenge giants like Samsung in the foldable market.

The Future of OnePlus and OPPO Foldables:

While the Find N3 Flip is currently branded under OPPO, there’s speculation that its successor might be introduced as a OnePlus device. However, the current branding means the Find N3 Flip won’t debut in North America, which is a missed opportunity given its potential.


The OPPO Find N3 Flip is more than just a foldable phone; it’s a testament to the evolving relationship between OnePlus and OPPO. As the lines between the two brands continue to blur, it’s clear that strategic market targeting is at the forefront of their decisions. For those awaiting OnePlus’s entry into the flip phone market, the wait is over. The Find N3 Flip, with its OnePlus essence, is already here, albeit under a different name.

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