OnePlus Nord makes Amazon debut in India

OnePlus has been busy hyping its new mid-range offering, the OnePlus Nord. The phone also has a dedicated page for it on Amazon India with pre-order set to begin soon.

Meanwhile, the company founder, Carl Pei revealed they have been extremely focused on three aspects with the new Nord. Those include camera performance, user experience, and quality.

Explaining further, Pei said the Nord will provide for flagship levels of camera performance while still essentially being a mid-range phone. Pei however, didn’t reveal the exact specifications of the rear or the front camera though what should be amply clear is that the camera is going to be a game-changing feature on the new Nord.

Pei also stressed on the importance of having the right software in place. That apart, the software should also be optimized to ensure it all functions seamlessly and sans any jerks or other surprises.

Lastly, Pei stressed on quality and said the new Nord has been subjected to the same levels of durability tests that are normally reserved for the top of the line flagship devices. This way, you can be rest assured of the Nord being just as capable in dealing with uncertainties than its proper flagship counterparts.

Pei also confirmed the Nord will be powered by the Snapdragon 765G processor. That translates to the Nord being 5G ready and should be a boon for those who live in areas where 5G connectivity is available.