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OnePlus 2 to have a VR launch this July

Mobile devices space and tech startups have met with a very disruptive force- the OnePlus.

Following the launch of the success of the One plus One, which became a flagship device of a kind, newer and more innovative ways are seen in the next flagship, which is evident from the marketing techniques now employed.

Carl Pei, the founder, expressed their enthusiasm for the future. Pushing their envelope, as well as exploring opportunities and perfecting them, constitute their goals as a tech startup.

Carl Pei is optimistic about exploring corners of the world with his cutting edge technology.

The team is all set for a VR launch, which will enable the audience to stand next to the team when OnePlus 2 is unveiled.

This launch will help the audience have a virtual first-hand encounter with the phone as it is being launched.

Pei stated that the viewing experience of the launch would be simple as well as straightforward, which was the purpose of the VR launch.

Given the launch, custom headsets have been designed, following the expenditure of ample time, to perfect the designs of these headsets.

After hours at the drawing board, the headsets have reached perfection, just in time for the launch.

This launch will be the first one in history to have a Virtual Reality launch. Earlier, there was an event the startup held where users were asked to create videos of their memories with onePlus as well as a best smartphone photography contest. The winners of these contests will help launch the phone.

Despite losing money on the headphones, the startup feels the need to share the event with the fans. Details such as the first look of the phone and the procedures to owning the phone will be updated soon.

OnePlus 2 will be launched this July 27, 2015, by an eager team.

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