NVIDIA Unveils ‘Chat with RTX’: Revolutionizing AI Chatbots with GeForce RTX 30/40 Series GPUs

RTX 4090

NVIDIA has recently introduced ‘Chat with RTX,’ a groundbreaking AI chatbot application designed to run locally on PCs equipped with GeForce RTX 30 or 40 series GPUs. This innovation leverages the power of NVIDIA’s cutting-edge GPUs to offer users a highly personalized and secure way to interact with AI-driven chatbots, utilizing their own documents, notes, and even video content for contextually relevant responses.

Key Highlights:

  • Personalization and Privacy: Users can integrate their own content with the chatbot for customized interactions, keeping data local for enhanced security.
  • Advanced AI Technology: Utilizes retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), TensorRT-LLM, and RTX acceleration for quick, relevant answers.
  • Ease of Use: Simple setup on Windows RTX PCs or workstations, with support for various file formats and YouTube video transcriptions.
  • Developer-Friendly: Based on the TensorRT-LLM RAG developer reference project, enabling easy development and deployment of RAG-based applications for RTX.

RTX 4090

Introduction to ‘Chat with RTX’

‘Chat with RTX’ is a demo application that embodies NVIDIA’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI technology. By enabling the integration of a GPT large language model (LLM) with personal content, NVIDIA offers a unique, user-centric approach to AI chatbots. This tool is not just about interaction; it’s about creating a personalized AI experience that respects user privacy by running entirely locally on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 or 40 series GPUs-equipped PCs.

System Requirements and Features

To harness the capabilities of ‘Chat with RTX,’ users will need a PC running Windows 11, equipped with a GeForce RTX 30 or 40 series GPU or NVIDIA RTX Ampere or Ada generation GPU with at least 8GB of VRAM, and at least 16GB of system RAM. The application supports a variety of file formats for seamless integration with users’ existing content, offering a new level of interactivity and personalization in AI-driven chat experiences.

For Developers: A New Horizon

Developers looking to leverage NVIDIA’s advanced AI technologies will find ‘Chat with RTX’ particularly intriguing. It is built from the TensorRT-LLM RAG developer reference project, which is openly available for developers to create and deploy their own RAG-based applications. This initiative not only accelerates the development of AI applications but also encourages innovation within the NVIDIA ecosystem.


‘Chat with RTX’ marks a significant advancement in the way users interact with AI, offering an unprecedented level of personalization and privacy. By leveraging the powerful GeForce RTX 30/40 series GPUs, NVIDIA provides a platform for not only gamers and content creators but also developers looking to explore the potential of AI chatbots. This initiative underscores NVIDIA’s leadership in AI and GPU technology, fostering a more personalized and secure AI experience for users worldwide.

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