Home News Norco Unveils Innovative Sight & Optic Mountain Bikes with Idler Pulleys

Norco Unveils Innovative Sight & Optic Mountain Bikes with Idler Pulleys


Norco has recently updated its Sight and Optic mountain bike models, incorporating cutting-edge idler pulleys into their designs. This innovation is aimed at enhancing performance across shorter travel mountain bikes, setting new standards in the industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of idler pulleys to improve suspension performance and efficiency.
  • Enhanced geometry and suspension tuning for optimal ride quality.
  • Availability in both aluminum and carbon frame options.
  • Incorporation of long-travel dropper posts across the model range.
  • Increased tire clearance and upgraded braking systems for superior control.
  • A dedicated youth version of the Sight model to cater to younger riders.


Innovative Features and Design Enhancements

Ride Aligned Design System The new models feature Norco’s Ride Aligned design system, which optimizes the bike’s fit, setup, suspension, and geometry. This system is designed to enhance the rider’s control and efficiency, providing a more tailored and enjoyable riding experience.

Geometry and Suspension Both models boast updated geometry and suspension tuning, with an emphasis on balance and versatility. The Sight, for instance, has seen improvements in tire clearance, component capability, and has adopted a more aggressive geometry to tackle all-mountain terrains effectively. The Optic, on the other hand, is noted for its playful and precise descent capabilities, despite being a short-travel bike.

Frame Options and Dropper Posts Riders have the choice between aluminum and carbon frames, each engineered to deliver a consistent ride quality. Additionally, the introduction of shorter seat tubes allows for the inclusion of size-specific long-travel dropper posts, enhancing the bike’s versatility and performance on technical trails.

Performance on the Trails Increased suspension travel and refined kinematics across both models aim to improve grip and control. The Sight and Optic are equipped with powerful braking systems and wide tire compatibility, ensuring reliable stopping power and traction in various conditions.

For the Younger Riders The Sight Youth 27.5” is a notable addition, offering a fully-featured trail bike designed specifically for younger riders. This model includes youth-tuned suspension components and a geometry tailored to provide a comfortable and confidence-inspiring ride.

Pricing and Availability

The Sight and Optic models are available through selected retailers, with options to suit a range of budgets and preferences. The introduction of these models marks a significant innovation in the mountain biking industry, particularly for bikes with shorter travel distances.

Youth Inclusion

The inclusion of the Sight Youth model is a significant step towards encouraging younger riders to engage with mountain biking at a high level. By offering a bike with professional-grade features tailored to younger riders, Norco is fostering a new generation of mountain biking enthusiasts. This approach not only supports the growth of the sport but also ensures that younger riders have access to the equipment they need to safely and effectively improve their skills.

Norco’s latest updates to the Sight and Optic models with the addition of idler pulleys represent a notable leap forward in mountain bike design and performance. These changes underscore Norco’s commitment to innovation, offering riders enhanced efficiency, control, and enjoyment. The incorporation of the Ride Aligned design system, along with significant geometry and suspension improvements, positions the Sight and Optic as leading choices for enthusiasts and competitive riders alike. Whether you’re tackling rugged all-mountain trails or looking for a playful and precise ride on descents, Norco’s latest offerings promise to elevate the mountain biking experience.