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Nokia Ozo camera gets massive price cut ahead of China launch

Nokia Ozo camera

The most advanced Virtual Reality camera has become cheaper by $15,000. The Nokia Ozo Camera is now available for $45,000 in the USA instead of the $60,000 price tag. The futuristic camera will cost 40,000 EUR in the Europe and 299,000 RMB in China. The new price which turns out to be around Rs. 30,00,000 in Indian currency is pretty steep indeed. In China, Nokia will start to accept pre-orders for its Ozo Camera from September onward. The company has recently collaborated with LeEco, one of the largest provider of online contents in China. LeEco will make use of the VR contents obtained from Ozo by streaming it to LeVR.

Nokia Ozo camera Specs and Features

Nokia unveiled the Ozo about a year ago as a VR camera of the future. It has the ability to absorb every information from 360-degrees around it. The Ozo comes with eight 2K cameras synced with each other to seamlessly capture 360-degree videos. Each lens has a viewing angle of 195 degrees and together can capture highly detailed spherical videos with utmost accuracy.

On top of capturing spherical and stereoscopic videos, Nokia Ozo can also record spatial three-dimensional audios. It comes with sophisticated high-end omnidirectional audio sensors. The futuristic VR camera comes with an inbuilt 500 GB SSD for storing the captured contents. Only 45 minutes of standard 30 frames per second captures can be accommodated in a single go.

Nokia Ozo camera is powered by a Lithium-ion battery and sports a fan-less design. The VR camera comes with Wi-Fi and HDMI as the connectivity options. The camera module weighs around 4.2 Kg with the battery inside. Ozo is constructed by a high-quality Aluminium alloy and comes only in Lava Grey color.

The VR camera brings in an ahead of time technology which will certainly gain become more and more common in our future. This Virtual Reality innovation will bring a new standard in long distance communications. Although Nokia Ozo is basically aimed at professional content makers, this feature will gradually become available for general population real soon.

Nokia is also preparing to release a software for handling the Ozo contents which will let you edit and share them easily. Ozo Live is one of such software which will let users stream 360-degrees, three-dimensional videos via Virtual Reality headsets. Ozo Player SDK is the software which will help you edit or enhance videos shot by the Nokia Ozo Camera.

VIAInternational Business Times
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