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Noise Elan TWS earbuds Review

Gurugram-based manufacturer Noise has launched its first noise-canceling true wireless earbuds called Noise Elan. Currently priced at INR 3499, these earbuds come equipped with high-end features such as Bluetooth 5.2, 6mm titanium drivers, environmental noise cancellation, gaming mode, and more. Are these worth buying then? I spent nearly two weeks with these earbuds daily. Let’s find out more about these earbuds on our review.

Design and Comfort

The Noise Elan earbuds feature an in-ear design and fit comfortably in your ears. Besides, these earbuds come in three different sizes, so you can choose the ear tip that fits your ear size. The silicon tips fit pretty well in the ear canal and do a great job at blocking outside noise. However, these Elan earbuds are quite large and tend to stick out a bit, especially during activities like jogging or walking. Elsewhere, these earbuds also feature touch controls that feel highly responsive and let you control playback or take calls.

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The charging case is made out of plastic featuring a matte finish. While the charging case doesn’t look premium, it does manage to prevent smudges or scratches. The charging case gets POGO pins to charge the earbuds while magnets hold the earbuds firmly inside the case. The case also has LED indicators that let you know the battery status of the earbuds. Overall, the build quality of these earbuds seems on par with other earbuds in this price range. Besides, the sleek design of the earbuds lends them a premium look and feel.

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Sound Quality and Features

In terms of sound, these earbuds’ overall sound signature leans towards thumping bass and assertive mids. So EDM and hip hop lovers might like the overall sound quality of the Noise Elan. That said, users who prefer crisp vocals and high frequencies should look elsewhere, as the Noise Elan overdoes the bass and eventually downplays the mids and highs. Even as a bass lover, I would have preferred the overall sound stage to lean slightly towards Highs and Mids, which get overpowered by Noise Elan’s bass.

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As for features, these earbuds have a unique transparency mode. Once enabled, it enhances the environmental sounds around you, so you’re aware of your surroundings. In practice, I found this feature a bit of a gimmick and not useful. I would instead take out the earbuds to be aware of my surroundings than having them on. That said, some users might find it helpful as the noise cancellation feature can make it challenging to be mindful of your surroundings.

These earbuds also feature touch controls that feel responsive and easy to use. You can control playback and calls directly from the earbuds. Besides, there’s also a gaming mode that good for mobile gamers who play online multiplayer. This mode enables the earbuds to offer the lowest latency to negate any noticeable sound delays.

With Bluetooth 5.2, pairing these earbuds with my iPhone SE was a breeze. Even the connectivity was strong, as I could comfortably walk around the house without experiencing any drop in connection. Besides, the earbuds also get IPX4 water resistance, which means they can easily handle everyday sweating and wet hand touches.


The battery life on these is simply outstanding. On a single charge, these earbuds can churn out up to eight hours of playtime. With the charging case, you get an additional playtime of 28 hours.

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During the time I spent with these earbuds, they lasted over two weeks, and the battery indicator still shows above 70 percent charge left, which is quite astonishing for an affordable set of TWS. There’s a Type-C charging port, and it takes around 2 hours to charge these earbuds once fully drained fully.

Are they worth buying?

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The Noise Elan earbuds offer several high-end features such as noise cancellation, gaming mode, and transparency mode for the price. In terms of audio quality, bass lovers will undoubtedly love these earbuds for their thumping and deep sounds. Not to forget the extraordinary battery life on these earbuds, which refuses to run out of fuel. Overall, the Noise Elan earbuds are a good buy for anyone looking to upgrade from wired earbuds to wireless earbuds.

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