Nintendo Switch Online Enriches RPG Collection with Game Boy Advance Classics

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Nintendo Switch Online is set to welcome two of the Game Boy Advance’s most revered RPGs next week, offering a nostalgic journey for gamers and RPG aficionados. Golden Sun™ and Golden Sun™: The Lost Age, two cult classics from the early 2000s, will be accessible to all Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members, marking their debut on the Nintendo Switch™ system.

Key Highlights:

  • Golden Sun™ and Golden Sun™: The Lost Age debut on Nintendo Switch Online on January 16, 2024.
  • Accessible to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members.
  • Part of the Game Boy Advance – Nintendo Switch Online library.
  • The games offer a rich blend of magic, puzzles, and turn-based combat.
  • Golden Sun series known for engrossing storytelling and engaging gameplay.

how to get game boy and gba games on switch 1675957095952

Golden Sun™ and Golden Sun™: The Lost Age, originally released in 2001 and 2002 respectively, have been revered for their compelling narratives, intricate puzzles, and innovative use of magical abilities, known as Psynergy. These games are part of Nintendo’s strategy to enhance its online service with beloved classics, providing a mix of nostalgia and new experiences to its subscribers.

Revisiting a Beloved RPG Duo

Golden Sun™, the first in the series, introduces players to a world where they control Isaac and his friends, who embark on a quest to stop the ancient power of Alchemy from wreaking havoc. The game is celebrated for its rich storytelling, challenging puzzles, and the unique Djinn system, which allows players to customize their party’s abilities.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age, a direct sequel, shifts focus to Felix, a character initially presented as an antagonist. This game expands on the original’s formula with new environments, enhanced Psynergy spells, and an even more intricate storyline, providing an immersive RPG experience.

Modern Gaming Meets Classic RPG

The addition of these classic RPGs to the Nintendo Switch Online service offers a unique blend of nostalgia and modern gaming convenience. Players can experience these timeless stories with the flexibility of the Switch’s handheld and home console capabilities.

A Nostalgic Return with Modern Conveniences

The inclusion of these games in the Nintendo Switch Online library not only caters to fans of the original Game Boy Advance titles but also introduces a new generation of players to these RPG gems. With the added convenience of playing on the Switch, gamers can enjoy these classics at home or on the go.

The expansion of the Game Boy Advance library in the Nintendo Switch Online service signifies Nintendo’s commitment to preserving its gaming heritage, while providing value to its online membership.

The addition of Golden Sun™ and Golden Sun™: The Lost Age to Nintendo Switch Online is a significant event for fans of classic RPGs. These games offer a return to the magical world of Weyard, filled with enchanting stories, challenging puzzles, and memorable characters. With their release on the Nintendo Switch, a new generation of gamers will get to experience these beloved classics, and long-time fans can relive their cherished memories.

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