Niantic 8th Wall's Metaversal Deployment Now Supports Apple Vision Pro Niantic 8th Wall's Metaversal Deployment Now Supports Apple Vision Pro

Niantic 8th Wall’s Metaversal Deployment Now Supports Apple Vision Pro

Discover how Niantic’s 8th Wall now supports Apple Vision Pro, enabling developers to create immersive AR experiences across multiple devices.

Niantic has made a groundbreaking announcement that marks a significant step forward in the world of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). The company’s 8th Wall platform, known for its WebAR technology, has expanded its Metaversal Deployment to include support for the Apple Vision Pro headset. This integration opens up new avenues for developers, allowing them to create spatial computing experiences that can be deployed across multiple devices and platforms, including mobile devices, computers, and now, the Apple Vision Pro headset.

Developers now have the unique opportunity to build immersive experiences once and seamlessly deploy them across different ecosystems. This development is crucial for the AR/VR community, as it addresses the challenge of creating apps that work across various hardware and software platforms. By enabling support for the Apple Vision Pro, Niantic’s 8th Wall is facilitating the creation of more inclusive and accessible AR experiences, catering to a wider audience.

The extension of Metaversal Deployment to the Apple Vision Pro capitalizes on the device’s advanced VR capabilities, offering developers a new platform to showcase their creativity without the need for camera access through the browser. This update promises to make the development process more efficient and versatile, allowing for the creation of experiences that transition smoothly from real-world AR on mobile devices to complete VR environments on the Vision Pro.

Moreover, 8th Wall’s integration with Vision Pro’s Personas feature and its advanced VR capabilities enable developers to create personalized and immersive experiences. This blend of technology paves the way for innovative WebAR and WebVR applications that leverage the unique features of each device, offering developers the flexibility to craft experiences that resonate with users across different platforms.

This advancement signifies a leap towards the future of AR development, as envisioned by Niantic’s CEO, John Hanke. It reflects the potential for lighter, more accessible AR glasses in the future, bridging the gap between AR and VR devices and expanding the creative and technical possibilities within the AR space.

For developers interested in exploring the capabilities of 8th Wall and the Apple Vision Pro, Niantic provides sample projects and a 14-day free trial for newcomers. With an estimated reach of over 5 billion smartphones worldwide, 8th Wall’s platform has already powered thousands of commercial experiences, engaging millions of users globally. This latest development is expected to further drive innovation and creativity, making it an exhilarating time for AR development​​.

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