MIUI 12 Live Wallpaper MIUI 12 Live Wallpaper

New MIUI 12 Super Live Wallpapers shows stunning animations of the Earth and Mars

Xiaomi has introduced its new MIUI 12 user interface, which comes with quite a few new features and enhancements to make for a lot more pleasurable user experience. And apart from the new features that the latest upgrade comes with, there also is the new MIUI 12 Live wallpaper that has been introduced. And those are stunning, to say the least.

The wallpapers depict aerial views of the Earth and Mars and have been appropriately named as the Earth Live wallpaper and the Mars Live wallpaper, respectively. Needless the say, the respective wallpapers will show images of the Earth and Mars and are simply awesome.

All that you need to do is install the two live wallpaper APK files on your smartphone. Thereafter, set it to your phone’s lock screen and the home screen and voila, your phone will have an out-of-this-world makeover of sorts.

Then there also is the MIUI 12 Super wallpaper as well, which, like the other two wallpapers, are meant for use on Xiaomi devices. That said, it should work just as fine on any Android phone as well. Also, one of the most striking aspects with the MIUI 12 Super Wallpaper is that it comes with some nice animations.

As Xiaomi described, any device with the MIUI 12 Super Wallpaper installed on it is unlocked, the Earth or Mars will shift to reveal a scene. All of this, when viewed on an AMOLED displays, makes it all seem truly mesmerizing. Xiaomi also said the Live Wallpapers would enhance the battery life of the AMOLED devices as well.

To apply the MIUI 12 Live Wallpaper on a Xiaomi device, download the same and go to the Gallery section. There, select the Live Wallpaper and tap on the three dots. In the menu that opens, select Set Video Wallpaper. For any other Android devices, you will need to download and install both the Live Wallpaper as well as Google Wallpaper app from Play Store. Next, launch the Google Wallpaper app and select any of the live wallpapers you just installed. Just tap on it and you are done.

To apply MIUI 12 Super Live Wallpaper, download and install MIUI 12 Super Wallpaper apk. Similarly, download and install the Mi Wallpaper app as well. Next, download and install the Activity launcher app from Play Store. Thereafter, click on Super Wallpaper and select the one that you wish to activate.