New MacBook Pro 2016 may skip headphone jack like Apple iPhone 7

Apple is currently surveying MacBook Pro users in phases about the usage and relevant of the headphone jack and other ports. For the last few weeks, Apple has been sending our surveys to users about the MacBook Pro features they like with specific reference to the headphone jack.

Commenting on the survey, a MacRumor reader Blake points out that he got a query asking him whether he would make use of the headphone port on the MacBook Pro.

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Possible ditching of headphone jack in MacBook Pro 2016

There are reports on Twitter from users how have been asked similar questions about the use of the headphone jack. This signals the fact that Apple might probably eliminate the headphone jack in a forthcoming release of the MacBook.

With the recent release of iPhone 7, Apple has removed the traditional headphone jack. Hence, it will not be a big surprise if the Cupertino-based giant continues the trend for other products. Meanwhile, Apple is also asking users about the quality of the battery life and other ports in addition to the SD card slot.

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MacBook Pro 2016 to offer four USB-C ports

Upon inspection of a leaked MacBook Pro shell, the forthcoming laptopĀ is expected to ship with four USB-C ports and headphone jack. However, it remains to be seen as to whether Apple will ditch the headphone port because they removed it in iPhone 7.

If the leaked shell is to be believed, the new MacBook will not ship with an SD card slot, HDMI port, USB-A port and a MagSafe connection.

MacBook Pro 2016 design will be same as existing MacBook

On the design front, Apple is expected to continue with the same footprint as the previous counterparts. There are reports that Apple has finalized the design of the new laptopĀ for 2016 months ahead of the official launch. According to rumors, the new MacBook will feature a redesigned chassis and an OLED touch panel.

The only worry for the users is that likely removal of the headphone jack. We expect that Apple will not remove headphone jack since users are used to the port for several years. It will be difficult for them to adapt to a new port. The new MacBook Pro will be released in October/November time frame.


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