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New iPad Mini ‘Pro’ will likely launch in H2 2021, new Apple Pencil with detachable nib also rumored

That Apple is into developing a new iPad Mini has been common knowledge though a new report on this is claiming the tablet could be ready for launch towards the second half of this year. Further, the report also claimed the iPad Mini that we have known of so far might go for a significant upgrade so that it might be christened the iPad Mini Pro this time.

According to a South Korean blog by the name Naver that shared the story, the iPad Mini Pro has made it to the ‘design P2’ stage. What that means is the tablet has passed the R&D and planning phase and is all set to enter the development phase designated as the P3 stage.

Other details shared in the blog claimed that the iPad Mini Pro will be featuring an 8.7-inch display this time. Also, it is going to be wider than what the last-gen iPad Mini 2019 was while the length is going to be downsized.

The information also tallies well with what noted Apple analyst, Ming Chi Kuo had earlier stated. According to Kuo, the upcoming iPad Mini model could come with an 8.5-inch to 9-inch display.

Meanwhile, a new Apple Pencil too has come to the fore, one that has a glossy finish to it along with a nib that can be detached from the main body. This likely points to enhanced functionality with the tip which could support paint, ink along with maybe graphite as well later on.

Apple is expected to announce a sprint event this month which could see the launch of a new iPad Mini and iPad Pro model along with a new Apple Pencil as well.


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